Write up “Market Research for Startups”

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 11:45

Recently, BRAC University Entrepreneurship Development Forum first time arranged “Market Research for Startups” of this semester. It was held on 11 July. The main topic of this seminar was market analysis for any startups. The chief guests who enlightened this event by their presence were Mr. Ahmad AD, CEO & Co-founder of hungrynaki.com and Mr. Mubir M. Chowdhury, CEO of Humac Lab Ltd. Mainly both of the speakers focused on market research, why it is important and how a business fails without proper market research. The event started by the speech of Mr. Ahmad AD, CEO & Co-founder of hungrynaki.com. Hungrynaki.com is a 100% Bangladeshi online food ordering and delivery service launched in 2013. Mr. Ahmad AD told about market research based on his personal experience. He told that how he started this business and made this a successful one. He inspired the audience by telling both of his failure and success stories. “The job you do whether it is business or fixed job under a company, you have to enjoy it”, Mr. Ahmad AD said. The next speaker was Mr. Mubir M Chowdhury, CEO of Humac Lab Ltd. Humac Lab Ltd is specialized in developing mobile apps along with web developments. He told about his company and how he started it. He told about his past and struggling days, which was very much enlightening. He suggested the students to know about themselves first, their lacking and then, he asked them to work on those so that the students can get success. In addition, he stated that, proper market research is important for starting a business. Both of the speakers told about their experience and gave information about the business world. By their speech audience were very much encouraged. Later Mr. Mahmood Syed Moosa, former vice president of EDF and founder of studentbd24.com, thanked the guests for managing time to share their experiences with the student of BRAC University. Finally, the event was concluded by handing over crests among the distinguished guests by the former president of EDF. It was really an inspirational and motivational program indeed.

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