World Space Week Celebration at Mohakash Bhaban Enayetpur

Publish Date: 
Sunday, October 8, 2017 - 16:15

World Space Week is an international event which focuses on the achievements of science and technology and how it has changed human lives. This year around 2700 events in 86 countries occurred in order to celebrate this week.

Robotics club of BRAC University participated in this event like previous year. The year, 2017, is a big year for ROBU as the first ever nano-satellite made by Bangladesh came through the hard work of three bright minds of this club and BRAC University, Kafi, Maisun and Antara. The club’s president Adnan Sabbir along with other members beautifully depicted ROBU’s awesome journey and managed the whole event in a perfect way along with Naster Lab. The team leader of Naster lab which is the ground station of BRAC Onnesha, Mr. Shourov and his fellow team members’ presence was encouraging for the school kids. Dr. Khalilur Rahman who is an associate professor of CSE department, principal investigator of BRAC Onnesha project and technical advisor of ROBU gave an inspiring speech to motivate the young minds. Later on Dr. Khalilur Rahman gifted a dummy of BRAC Onnesha on behalf of BRAC University to Mr. F R Sharkar, who is the first Bangladeshi to experience zero gravity flight. Dr. Md. Hasanuzzaman Sagor, Assistant professor of EEE department gave his valuable speech which inspired the crowd even more. After the valuable speeches Dr. Khalilur Rahman, Kafi, Antara, Shourobh and many others were given medals because of their brilliance and efforts for gaining those awesome achievements.

After that, various events took place such as quiz competition and cultural program. Md. Saiful Islam, Lecturer of CSE Department was the judge in the school kid’s art competition. According to him “I am very lucky and honored to be a part of these creative minds”. The winners were given prizes by the honorable teachers and special gifts were given by BRAC University for the winners.