Workshop on Writing CVs and PR Bulletins

Publish Date: 
Friday, June 9, 2017 - 16:30

From the very beginning, BUCC (BRAC University Computer Club) has always tried to encourage BRAC University students, regardless of their department to upgrade and expand their skills.

As an extension of that motto on the 8th of June 2017, BUCC had organized a workshop on writing CVs and PR Bulletins which was open for all. The main objective of the event was to guide the students into becoming a better CV and PR writer. The key speaker was Annajiat Alim Rasel, esteemed lecturer of BRAC University Computer Science and Engineering Department.

The event had started at 4:30 pm and took place in the BRAC University Auditorium. The event was initially anchored by Monamy Islam, Director of BUCC PR & Publication. Firstly she discussed a bit about the importance of writing and how it can help us in our professional life.

Later on, she asked Wasif Shafaet, a final year student, to share the stage with her and talk about his experience of thesis publication. He expressed the struggles that he faced during the time of writing and emphasized on the importance of reading other publications to gain knowledge and experience.

Followed by Md. Ali Shaown who is the Director of BUCC Human Resource, came to the stage and talked about the different types of CV. Moreover, he discussed about how an individual can create his/her career by becoming a professional CV writer.

It was almost 5 PM when Annajiat Alim Rasel came to the stage. Before starting his speech, he asked Monamy Islam to continue her discussion. Monamy Islam continued the session afterwards and started with how to write perfectly and improve the quality of PR bulletins, which included discussions about common mistakes, bulletin titles and techniques on how to make PR bulletins more interesting. The event continued later on after Asr prayer break.

Annajiat Alim Rasel discussed about the CV checking system of the corporate world and talked about the different techniques of making  a CV more effective when applying for a job. The mistakes, weaknesses and strengths of different types of CVs were analyzed as well. Afterwards, he focused on how to write PR bulletins attractively and the techniques of improving the quality of a PR.

He emphasized on using technologies such as QR code to improve the value of a CV and the usage of different softwares to minimize grammatical errors in writing. He gave the students few words of inspiration and taught them how to cope up with failure. He also pointed out that we need to keep learning as our knowledge and understanding of technologies is often becomes severely backdated when compared with how quickly the technological world is evolving.

Finally, he talked about the importance of having an professional online presence in LinkedIn, Twitter etc. and concluded his informative speech. 

To make the workshop successful all the member of BUCC worked with full dedication. Credits are to be given to Jamius Siam, Ahmed Bin Sabit, Mushfiqur Rahman Sarot, Muyeed Shahriar, Mustaqim Khan, Jahanara Akter, Al Junayed Islam Brohi and Touhidul Islam Chayan for making this event a success. Wasik Ahmed, Fatema Islam Meem, Abdullah Al Reza, Anita Islam Shrabonti, Annur Majid Sabin, Leonard Michael and Sadman Amin worked hard as the photographers of the event and helped to capture the special moments.