Two Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Publish Date: 
Sunday, October 29, 2017 - 17:15

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without” quoted by Buddha. In this fast pace of life, we are always in a hurry, and we often forget, how to be happy with own self. We look around, communicate with others and depend on others for our happiness. Hence, we become strangers to ourselves. Therefore, from the Counseling Unit of BRAC University, two members; Monzia Mushtaq and Kazi Rumana Haque, Psychosocial Counselors and Lectures conducted a Two Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat for the faculty members and staff of BRAC University based on their experience at Nepal Yoga Home. The Retreat took place on Savar’s Residential Campuds from October 27-28, 2017. The main objective of the Retreat was to introduce the art of living a peaceful life-that is Meditation. Other objectives were to help the participants connect with the inner self, manage stress, anxiety and/or depression better, enhance concentration and awareness, expand psychological tolerance of uncomfortable feelings, and improve w ellbeing.

Total thirteen participants from different departments participated in this retreat.

During the Retreat, the participants got a unique opportunity to learn different types of Yoga Asana, Micro- Level Yogic Practice, Yogic Relaxation, Aerobics, Practice of Soul Meditation, Mantra Chanting, Pranayama for Different Glandular System and Silence Retreat.

Through the Yoga and Meditation Retreat, they also learned to guide the life with authentic peace, lightness, fitness, well being, nutritious foods, healthy thoughts and self healing power.  During these courses, they learned different lessons of Yoga- Meditation that are important to maintain a regular practice. This Yoga- Meditation Retreat helped to clear mind and rejuvenate self.

Many participants shared that first time they got the opportunity to be in tuned with their inner selves and learned the art and significance of regular and controlled breathing.