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Thursday, November 30, 2017 - 17:00

LG campus Icon-Lead the leaders was organized in our campus with the help of BRAC University Film Club (BUFC). It was a daylong event where LG showcased their phones, play games and held live music program.

The event was very interesting for us as it was amusing. LG organized a game event called “Minute to win it” where the participants had a minute to play and if they win the challenge they would get exciting prizes. There were many participants that day and lot of them won prizes. Furthermore, we were impressed by the band named “Dhaka Hitman”. They performed live music which the audience really loved. The event became more lively as the day passed. Lastly, the audience was excited to see actor “Nirob”. The crowd took photographs with the celebrity and talked to him. Audiences left the event with a smile on their faces as the event ended.

In essence the event was successful because of the appreciation of the audiences. The event attracted a huge crowd and everybody enjoyed it. Thanks to LG for giving us an amazing experience. It was a pleasure and honor to have them among us.