Halloween Themed Movie Show and Cosplay Competition by BUFC

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 12:45

BRAC University Film club has organized a Halloween Themed Movie Show and Cosplay Competition on 31 October 2017.BUFC in concert LG mobile Bangladesh,metrocem and Hungrynaki organized the event.And guess what! It was the most amazing event of this Semester so far.

Though BUFC shows a lot of movies throughout the semester, but this time it was different. Since this was Halloween, the Spooky vibe might be maintained, that’s why they brought the fragrance with the conjuring 2 and The Annabelle to invoke our hidden worst fears. The auditorium was full with the film addicted people.

After the movie show, the Cosplay Competition had been taken place in the auditorium. Student of Brac University participated on that competition with lot of joy. They wear different kind of scary cloths.There were lot of prize for them who had participated in this competition.

There was loud music and crowd in the auditorium,the BRACU students  show their enthusiasm  with their affluent presence in the movie show and participating in the cosplay completion in a big number. They took selfies with the cosplayers, they passed the whole event through dancing and singing with the friends and I might say, it was a day with great enjoyment and pleasure

The Winner of Cosplay Competion got a Brand new 2017 LG K8 smartphone and 1000 BDT worth of promo codes from HungryNaki..Our Honorable alumni of BUFC Ibrahim Bin Mohiuddin handed over the first prize to Rawnak Lamiya, the winner of Cosplay competition, Moreover every participants of  got 500 BDT each.

The feedback of the students was very positive regarding the event, they have wanted this kind of event in every semester in future, and BUFC has always come out with great events, they promise to organize this kind of prominent event each semester in near future.

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