Publish Date: 
Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - 12:15

We usually arrange three programs every semester but “Dramatic” is totally for the new comers. As we have the slogan that the program is by the fresher’s and for the fresher’s. And we believe it has served in the best way.

We started the program Dramatic Fall’17 with giving a tribute to the “Nagar Baul” James. The tribute contained eight of his famous songs. The tribute was coordinated by Shafin Jami Osdi. Two of best singers performed in this tribute one of them was Wahid Trishad and another one was Yasin Mehedi. Shafin Jami Osdi and Nipun Barman played the guitar and Bidhan Khan Played the Kahon.

After the tribute there was a dance performance but not like usual the song was live vocal. Our best singer Nir sang the song Ahare by Minar and Safa danced on that song.                                                                                                       

There was a Musical Drama Directed by Bishakha Riya. The theme of the musical drama was a love story of a boy and a girl where the girl is a heart patient and dies at the end of the musical drama. This musical drama was performed by two of our newest member Mehezabin and Shaiyan.

The dramas we did till now was basically short dramas. For the first time in history of BRAC University Drama and Theatre Forum we did a full time drama of 1 hour 20 mins in length. The name of the drama was “Chaya Coturdoshi” it was slightly based on the novel Khawto of Kamalesshar Mukharjee. The drama was Collected and Screen played by Sowad Hassan and Directed by Dipto Mondol. The best performer of our club performed in this drama. The performers were Neev, Nowshin, Dipto, Ayon, Oishi, Progga, Sami and Oshen with the guest appear of Alif and Sayeed.

The decoration theme of the program was Japanese Drama. Towhidul Islam Was the décor in charge of the program.

All’s well that ends well! As the saying goes our program was a blast and gradually we are becoming a big family. We are looking forward to present some of the best performances in the coming semesters that BRACU students have ever experienced.