Climate Change Loss and Damage Assessment at Shariatpur District

Publish Date: 
Thursday, July 27, 2017 - 12:45

C3ER, BRAC University conducted field investigation to assess the climate change loss and damage in Bangladesh under the project titled Floating Houses: Community Based Flood Resilience Innovations in Bangladesh funded by KPMG East Africa Limited. The field survey was carried out at Dular Char, Shariatpur from 22-26 July 2017.

During the field investigation several KIIs, FGDs and household questionnaire surveys were conducted at the selected area. The main objectives of the field visit were to collect valid information on damage to housing, damage to community livelihood and impact of the disaster on livelihood; health mobility; water supply and sanitation;  poverty and occupational vulnerability; psychosocial impact and gender; education and governance system. The survey conduction had also put a sharp concentration on the vulnerable households. During the field visit a session was taken by Ioan Fazey, Professor, University of Dundee describing needs of participation of the community, what is participation etc. The team of the project also participated in several group exercise supervised by Ioan.