Celebrating Universal Children’s Day, 2016

Publish Date: 
Monday, November 21, 2016 - 14:15

On 20th November, 2016, on the occasion of Universal Children’s Day, BIED went live on Facebook with its newly launched series, titled, ‘The Myth-Buster Factory’. The purpose of this episode was to showcase, through a live-action demonstration, the importance of play-based learning in fostering early childhood development (ECD), and debunk the three following myths surrounding play-

i) Toys are expensive

ii) Play is a waste of time

iii) Adults can’t be playful

The live episode aimed to reach out, via social media, to an active audience, engaging them to share ideas on creativity, collaboration and learning through play. It was also intended to encourage viewers to try making these toys themselves, explore the field of play-based learning and advocate its importance and relevance by spreading the word.

The live-show highlighted how toys can be made by using easily-accessible materials that are found at home and how such toy-making activities help improve a child’s motor skills, cognitive skills and hand-to-eye coordination. One of the experts crafted a snowman, using materials such as a clean, white sock, small pieces of old cloth, colorful ribbons or a rubber band. Using a combination of materials such as old newspapers, bangles, ribbons/strings, paint and small beads, the second demonstrator proceeded to create a simple wind-chime. These activities also allow the child to practice his/her creativity as well as understand colors and shapes. Further, by engaging in these interactive activities, the show demonstrates that parents can be playful and take a more active interest in their children’s early years’ development, thus forging a stronger bond between parent and child.

To watch the live episode, please visit our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/biedbracu/.

To read more on BIED’s ongoing initiatives on Early Childhood Development, visit our website: www.biedbracu.ac.bd.