BUCC GBM and Annual Iftar 2017

Publish Date: 
Friday, June 9, 2017 - 16:30

BRAC University Computer Club General Body Meeting (GBM) have long held the tradition of providing a platform for all of the different members from various departments of BUCC to collaborate and share their ideas on how to improve the club.The GBM held on the 8th of June, 2017 at the BRAC University Auditorium was no exception. However, this particular GBM was extra special for everyone as the Annual BUCC Iftar took place right after the GBM had concluded.

The GBM began at 6:20 pm, right after the end of the workshop on CV writing and PR Bulletin which was conducted by Annajiat Alim Rasel. Not to mention, the presence of highly esteemed BRAC University lecturers of CSE department, Annajiat Alim Rasel and Md. Shamsul Kaonain made the evening even more delightful.

The floor was then taken by the director of Event Management, Humayun Kabir who asked Annajiat Alim Rasel and Md. Shamsul Kaonain to come to the stage. They honored the hard working and dedicated members of BUCC with a certificate of appreciation, recognizing their contribution to the BUCC family.

Md. Shamsul Kaonain, Hasin Raihan Amin and former vice president of BUCC, Asif Bin Khaled took the floor next and appreciated the devotion of long standing members of BUCC by announcing their promotions within the ranks of the club. They were admired for the time and effort which they selflessly gave to the club in order to help it grow and prosper. This was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise for everyone as promotions are usually not announced in such manner.

Most notable promotions of the evening included Sakib Rahman (promoted to Vice President), Md. Ali Shaown (promoted to director of HR), Humayun Kabir (promoted to director of Event Management), Amitabha Dey (promoted to director of Marketing), Mahmudul Hasan and Monamy Islam (promoted to director of Press Release), Fazle Rabbi Riyon (promoted to director of finance) alongside Parisa Tabassum, Raihanoor Rayon, Mitashree Halder,  Abdullah Al Reza, Leonard Michael, Wasik A.Khan and Sakib Ahmed Sumdany who were all promoted to the position of Assistant Director of their respective departments.

The relatively new members of the club who proved themselves to be a valuable part of the community were promoted to senior executives of their respective departments.

In the meantime, when the announcements were done, it was almost time for Iftar. The students and respected faculty members were asked to sit in rows as the volunteers of the event distributed the meals of Iftar alongside bottles of mineral water. Munajat was offered prior to the Iftar and at 6:45 pm, the Iftar began with the Maghrib Adhan.

The month of Ramadan is largely considered to be the month of togetherness and forgiveness. Needless to say, this BUCC GBM did a fantastic job of sharing the blessings of Ramadan by bringing the whole BUCC family together under one roof and spreading the love of this holy month. The GBM finally concluded with an amazing group photo that is to serve as a memory of yet another successful BUCC event.

Special thanks are to be given to Jamius Siam, Ahmed Bin Sabit, Mushfiqur Rahman Sarot, Muyeed Shahriar, Mustaqim Khan, Jahanara Akter, Al Junayed Islam Brohi and Touhidul Islam Chayan for their selfless contribution in making the event a success. Wasik Ahmed, Fatema Islam Meem, Abdullah Al Reza, Anita Islam Shrabonti, Annur Majid Sabin, Leonard Michael and Sadman Amin are appreciated for working as the photographers of the event and capturing all of the special moments of the evening.