BU-IGC conducted an event titled “Battle of Clubs-Season 3”

Publish Date: 
Friday, July 28, 2017 - 12:00

BU-IGC, one of the active clubs of BRAC University has recently conducted an event titled “Battle of Clubs-Season 3”. This was a very successful event, where sensational players participated in Table Tennis and Carom. In this battle, six renowned clubs participated and bought their desired player through an ‘Auction’. The clubs were; BRACU Monon, Art Society BRACU, BRACU Adventure Club, BRACU Pharma Society, BRACU Computer Club and lastly BRACU Cultural Club. There were ‘Pool Players’ and ‘Local Players’ for both the games. The ever so exciting auction took place on July 11, 2017 at BRACU Auditorium. Through this auction each club bought their desired Pool layers to participate in the event. Each club got two Pool players for each game, meaning two Pool players for Table Tennis and two Pool players for Carom. The Pool players were of course very dominant at their sports field and held multiple winning titles. Every bidding junction was being guarded to avoid any means of mishap by the executives of the organizing club, which is BU-Indoor Game Club. The auction was a very successful attempt and definitely raised the expectation for the main event, which took place on July 18, 2017 at BRACU Auditorium. As this event had so much expectation, the organizers made sure that each club gets the indoor just to themselves for getting ready for the event. Each club had a specific time allocated for them to rehearse. Table Tennis and Carom, both the games were conducted side by side on the same day. Six clubs battled their way through to semi-finals and on July 20, 2017 Carom had its Champion club; BUCuC winning against BUAC. Rezaul Karim, Tanzidul Islam Mitul, Khaled Mahmud and Naafis Alam were the players who truly showed off their skills and became the ultimate winners in Carom. On July 27, 2017 the finals for Table Tennis took place and the players left no scope in mesmerizing the viewers. Sakib Bin Quader, Showmitra Sharma, Ashfaq Khan and lastly the very talented Onez Chowdhury with his killing smash took the winners title. In short, every minute of “Battle of Clubs” was breath taking and the support and cooperation from the players and the organizers left everyone in full awe.

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