BRACU students achieve international rating at World Chess Federation

Publish Date: 
Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 11:30

Five chess players of BRAC University Chess Club (BUCHC) have achieved international rating after participating in 11th Amrita Lal Dey International Rating Chess Tournament held in Barisal. World Chess Federation (FIDE) has officially published the players’ names and ratings on their website.

The newly rated chess players are the university’s current students Mohammad Shakil, Nahian Habib, Golam Yeazdani and Nahian Raonak from the Computer Science and Engineering Department (CSE). Md. Hasnat Awal, an alumni and a recent graduate from BRAC Business School also earned rating from the same tournament.

Seventeen chess players from the chess club participated in the tournament including the club’s rated chess players. Ejaz Hossain, a visually impaired MA in TESOL student, won prize in his rating category and Mohammad Shakil from the Computer Science & Engineering became the best non-rated player.

The chess club of the university currently has 13 rated chess players. BRAC University Chess Club aims to promote chess as an educational tool to develop students’ cognitive abilities and critical thinking skills.