BRAC University Electrical and Electronic Club (BUEEC)

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Monday, November 20, 2017 - 10:30

BUEEC organized one event in November 17. The name of the event MAGNETRON, a mock recruitment session, emulated the recruitment procedure to make the students of the university accustomed to the real idea of what and how job recruitment is supposed to be. It was divided into two sessions. The first session which was basically the interview session was held on 11th November, 2017 at the BRACU auditorium. Students of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) department having 80+ credits were eligible to participate in the session. Dr. Shahidul Islam Khan, Professor and Chairperson of the department of EEE of BRAC University was the inaugurator and Engr. MD. Nurul Akter, CEO, Energypac Electronics, was the chief guest of the event. The event started at 10am with the welcome speech from the president of BUEEC, Mr. Galib Amin followed by the vice president Mr. Pavel Mahbub. The session was divided into three main segments. Dr. Amina Hasan Abedin, Assistant Professor of EEE department and advisor of the club, discussed very specifically in her brief speech. For sharing their personal experience with all the participants, motivating them and to serve in the judge panel Samiul Muntakin Khan from Grameenphone, Md. Muntashir Bin Mahfuz from Le Meridien Dhaka, Robiul Islam Sarkar from Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited (DPDC), Navid Bin Sakhawat from EGSL, Miraz Mahbubul Hasan from Augmedix Inc., Mihir Barua and Engr. H.M. Khayruzzaman from SIEMENS were also present along with the faculty members. The participants faced real life job interview and recruitment procedure by going through a chain of tests which were set to test their knowledge and skills. The second session of the event took place on November 19, 2017 at the indoor games room of the university building 3. The session was held to provide the participants with feedback on their performance as well as suggestions about how to improve themselves. It started at 2:00 pm with the motivational speech of Mr. Pulok Barua, managing director of Gryhayan Ltd. followed by the valuable feedback from Mr. Mihir Barua, a distinguished guest from Siemens Bangladesh, and respected faculty members and judges Mr. MD. Anamul Haque and Md. Farhan Tasnim Oshim on the performances of the participants. Thereafter, a short and charming cultural program performed by the students of EEE department took place. Respected alumni Mr. Tanjil Ovi had a short speech afterwards. BUEEC believes in the motto of our beloved university, “inspiring excellence”, being motivated by which, BUEEC inspired the enthusiastic participants by awarding prizes and certificates. BUEEC family addressed farewell to the participants with hope of a better future and wishing their utmost excellence and success and with this the Magnetron Mock Recruitment Session ended up.

BRACU Corporate's League 2k17 is the first ever national level (Inter University) Business Case Competition from BRAC University, organized by BRACU Business & Economics Forum (BeF) where welcomed all the future aspiring leaders from different universities of Bangladesh to compete and prove their potentials at national platform.

The competition was consisting of three rounds which was proceeded to the most awaited grand finale. Most important thing of the competition was the prize money which was 100k as well as internship placements for the finalists. The competition was judged by corporate leaders from different renowned corporations and Multi-National Companies. The schedule of the competition was divided in 3 round.

  1. Preliminary Round (27th – 31st October)
  2. Group Round (2nd October)
  3. Grand Finale (7th October)

The first round was named as Preliminary Round started from 27th October 2017 and continued till 31st October. In this time 100 groups solved an online case which was judged by our knowledge partner 10 minutes’ school. From the first round top 50 teams qualified for the second round which is Group Round.

In the second round 50 teams was divided in 5 group which was group A, group B, group C, group D, group E. Each group contained 10 teams and in the group round only one team from each group was selected. This group round was very tough and very much competitive. For the group round only best was not enough to be qualified for grand finale. Each group gave their 200%. To judge their presentation there were 10 renowned judges. Honourable 5 judges were from corporate world and other 5 judges were from academia sector. The honourable judges were

  1. Shihab Zafar, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Growth Specialist and Analyst and Head of Growth at and Chairman, Just Juice.
  2. Adiba Naoshin, Lecturer, BRAC Business School
  3. Tanzina Ahmed Choudhury, Assistant Manager and Business Development of LankaBangla Securities Ltd
  4. Hasan Maksud Chowdhury, Assistant Professor, BRAC Business School
  5. Salman Zahir, Consultant and Clean Energy and Resource Efficiency of International Finance Corporation
  6. Saif Hossain, Senior Lecturer, BR Asif Hossain Rupom
  7. Asif Hossain Rupom, Executive, Factory Sales, Avery Dennison Bangladesh
  8. N.M. Baki Billah, Lecturer, BRAC Business School
  9. Ashrafur Rahman Shetu, Assistant Brand Manager of Partex Star Group
  10. Jubairul Islam Shaown, Lecturer, BRAC Business School

The group round held at BRAC University. Choosing only one team from each group was very difficult for the judges but yet after lots of discussion and judgements they chose best out of best.

Grand finale held on 7th November at 6 PM at BRAC University auditorium. Here top 5 teams competed with each other. They were given case through mail 24 hours earlier for solving the case as well as preparing themselves for presentation. The schedule of grand finale was

The top 5 teams were –

  1. Blue Ribbon (BUP)
  2. Break Even (BRACU)
  3. DuoChrome (BUP)
  4. Jokers (NSU)
  5. Team Shoelace (BUP)

We had experienced and very renowned judges to judge their ability and presentation. The judges were

  1. Mahreen Mamoon, Assistant Professor, BRAC Business School.
  2. Syed Najmus Saquib, Dy. Senior Vice President, Green Delta Insurance and Marketing Adviser of Sylhet Sixers.
  3. Fardina Hafiz, Assistant Vice President and Branch Manager, BRAC Bank.

After an immense competition the judges picked the top 3 winners of BRACU Corporate's League 2k17 and those are –

Winners: DuoChrome
1st Runners Up: Breakeven
2nd Runners Up: Team Shoelace

There are some people behind the huge success of BRACU Corporate's League 2k17. And one of the main core person is the Chief Advisor of BRACU Corporate's League 2k17 who is Mr. N. M. Baki Billah. "He is currently the advisor of Business and Economics Forum and acts as a guardian for the entire BeF family. His tremendous support and will power has guided us this far. Without his support and all the suggestion it was impossible to build the big event.

Moreover, the core and executive team worked really hard to make this event a huge success.

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