BIL Conducts 22nd Journal Club Session

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - 09:45

BRAC Institute of Languages (BIL) conducted the 22nd Journal Club Session on November 06, 2017, at BRAC University. Ms. Tasmia Nawrin, Lecturer at BIL, presented an article titled “The Application of Body Language in English Teaching” by Yuanyuan Tai.

As the name suggests, the author focuses on the importance of body language in teaching English and discusses how the use of body language assists in not only teaching but also language learning. The author further explains three features of body language, namely the intuitional, communicative and suggestive feature, and emphasizes on the necessity of using non-verbal communication for a qualified teacher. In addition, the author explains how body language helps to visually express words for students to understand the context more effectively, make students more interested to learn English, and also change the atmosphere of the class into a more enthusiastic one. The author concludes the article by re-emphasizing on the magnitude that body language plays in becoming a more successful English teacher.

Throughout the session, the faculty members who were present shared their own opinions and experiences on the matter, which included several instances of how using non-verbal communication in the classroom helped them to communicate better with the students. Overall, the presenter’s enthusiasm in discussing the article and the faculty members’ contribution to the discussion led to a lively session.