Banglalink Ennovators

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - 17:00

“Think, Create, Change” the motto of “Banglalink Ennovators” was organized in our campus with the help of BRAC University Film Club (BUFC). It was basically an introductory seminar to a competition organized by Banglalink to create a digital revolution, motivating the students and the young minds to think critically about the problems of today. To empower the best ideas that would make a positive impact on the challenges we face today.

The seminar talked about a lot of issues. Firstly, the speaker addressed the goal of the competition followed by Banglalink’s policy about it as well. Then the audience was informed about the rules and regulations of the competition and later on, they revealed the schedule of the competition. There was also a really amazing audio visual which really attracted the crowd, and it was rewarded with a huge applaud. After the brief presentation, there was a question answer round, where the audience got to ask questions regarding their confusions. After a lot of questions and answers, all the confusions were cleared. The session was followed by a speech from a guest speaker who works at Banglalink and is also a BRAC University graduate. He shared some of his valuable insights regarding the competition and the problems. His speech really enchanted the crowd and they really enjoyed his speech.

In short, it was a successful seminar with a huge crowd. This competition will allow the students to think more critically about the problems we face today and enable them to find more digital solutions. The competition is without doubt organized for a greater cause and the seminar was really successful in attracting the audience.