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Publish Date: October 12th, 2017

I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery- this is one of  the trademark of a youth; capitalizing this, youth always have a quench of exploring the new and sometimes this new becomes shady  in disguise. Drugs can be listed on of top most topics on this page. Drug abuse causes many serious problems, such as violence, stress, depression and so on. Like many other countries, in Bangladesh abusing drugs is becoming a menace to the society and especially among the youth to name.

Therefore, to enlighten the students of BRAC University; about the ramification of abusing drugs, two sessions of this seminar were conducted on September 27, 2017 and October 11, 2017 at BRAC University Residential Campus. The objectives of the sessions were to create an awareness of the cycle of addiction, empower the students to practice preventive measures to say no to drugs and being a supportive fellow for the others to stop abusing drugs.

On those very welcoming  evening Mr. Rehan Ahmed, Campus Superintendent of the Residential Campus greeted the audience and introduced the objective of the seminar. The Renowned Psychologist Professor Mehtab Khanam, Chairperson, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, University of Dhaka and Adviser of the Counseling Unit, BRAC University started the session with insightful concepts about the significant of Mental Health Care and a stabilization meditation exercise. Later on, three guest speakers shared their personal experiences of the negative impacts of abusing drugs and how they recovered from drug addiction. Their miserable life experiences regarding recovery from drug addiction touched the audience very much at the same time a new corner to think of regarding this concern. After that, Professor Mehtab Khanam discussed about the concepts of addiction, self reflection on addiction, communication style, the rules of assertion, functions of different ego states to say NO to drugs and some important tips to prevent addiction. Throughout the session, several role plays were conducted by the students and members of the counseling unit regarding how students can protect themselves from taking drugs. During the session, the students were very much enthusiastic and positive regarding the issue.

Concluded part was discussed by Mr. Rehan Ahmed by giving thanks to all the students of Residential Semester Fall-2017, distinguished guest speakers, members of the Counseling Unit, admin and management staff who supported to organize the seminar successfully.

Tag: BRAC Business School
Publish Date: October 12th, 2017

Many say that when one leaves a beautiful place, he/she carries it in his/her heart for the lifetime. True indeed, for we are carrying the mesmerizing memories of sweet morning mists, enigmatic sunsets in boats, soothing breeze of freshness and what not. To alleviate the standard of learning, a practical ‘Branding’ session has always been taking place in Rahma Akhter’s class of Brand Management. Ms. Rahma Akhter believes that practical learning and enduring the freshness of the firsthand primary information to write the term-paper is the best way she can offer her students who are paving their way to be the maestro of marketing and branding. This time, she took the entire branding section to Barisal, to change perceptions and to challenge the student to push their boundaries and wallow out of the comfort zone. The main objective was to make students learn the core essence of brand management and let them write an outstanding report. Creation of a video was part of the project to focus Barisal as a tourist destination. Thus we, the students, have learned a lot both practically and theoretically which we will not be forgetting anytime soon. The tour ignited on the 11th October 2017 and lasted for 2 days. BRAC University inspires excellence and it has, yet again, proven to be the best.

Tag: Office of Co-curricular Activities
Publish Date: October 12th, 2017

The BRAC University Law Society celebrated its 8th year birthday anniversary on 11th October at the BRAC University auditorium. The faculties, alumni members, all the students of BRAC University School of Law and all the members of the BRAC University Law Society celebrated the grand celebration together. The program started at 3 PM with the arrival of therespected advisor of the BULS, Dr. Saira Rahman Khan, lecturer Farhaan Uddin Ahmed and other respected faculties. The whole program was organized and directed by the president of the BULS, Raiyana Akhand and the vice president Noshin Saida Riha Saba. All the secretaries and executive members of the BULS made the event successful along with the leading of the president and the vice-president of the BULS. Many former presidents, vice presidents and well-wishers of the BULS sent their wishes via videos.

Tag: Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Publish Date: October 11th, 2017

The seminar, entitled “Binding of flagella and flagella hook protein to intestinal cryosections of chicken” was presented by Shafaque Rahman, Radboud University, Netherlands on Tuesday, 10 October, 2017, at 3:30pm in Room UB#21511. She was an ex-student of Microbiology program, BRAC University.

Tag: Counseling Unit
Publish Date: October 11th, 2017

Every year, the World Health Organization (WHO) observes World Mental Health Day on 10th October. The theme of this year is "Mental Health in the Workplace".  As a part of this worldwide awareness campaign, the Counseling Unit of BRAC University has been organizing month long mental health awareness programs since 2013. The quality of the work environment impacts on employee’s emotional and mental health. An unhealthy work environment can have negative impacts on employee’s mental health and their functioning. On the other hand, a healthy work environment can flourish an employee’s potentials.

This year, the Counseling Unit has taken initiatives to organize different awareness programs inside and outside the campus both in the October and November months by focusing on this year’s theme as well as other aspects of mental health. It includes: Awareness Campaign, participation in the Rally and Human Chain in front of Press Club, Dhaka, Bangladesh, development of Mental Health Policies and Guidelines of BRAC University, development of the Peer Support Program, organization of various Workshops on different Psychosocial topics for the members of BRAC University and BRAC, and conduction of a Series of Workshops at Residential Campus of BRAC University.

On October 10, 2017, the Counseling Unit arranged Mental Health Awareness Campaign inside the campus. It included showing video presentations on different psychosocial aspects, giving affirmations in the heart shape cards to the students, faculty members and staff of BRAC University. This campaign was highly accepted and appreciated by the BRAC University family.

Tag: Office of Co-curricular Activities
Publish Date: October 11th, 2017

BRAC University Marketing Association organized club fair of this semester titled “Fall Wayniacs”. The program was scheduled on last 8th, 9th and 10th October. The total program was consisted with sign-up program, concert, cultural festival and food festival.

BRAC University Marketing Association (BUMA) was founded on May 2012 with the sole purpose of aiming to work with business students who wants to expand the knowledge of real life marketing. As a club of BRAC University, we got chance to organized the club fair of this semester for the very first time. This program was inaugurated by our Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Ansar Ahmed. Dean of BRAC Business School, Dr. Iftekhar Ghani Chowdhury was also present there. The program was started at sharp and went till than we organized a concert where miner performed at BRAC University for the very first time. In the second day, various cultural clubs of BRAC University performed on our cultural day. The program was ended up with a food festival. The entire program was sponsored by Partex star group.

Club fair is the biggest and official event of BRAC University. This program has numerous benefit for BRAC University students. In this program, student are get to know about 26 clubs of BRAC University. They can enter in their desired clubs and get associated with various club activities. Thus they can develop their efficiency and get involve with co- curricular activities. In Addition to that, they will be able to learn how o take pressure of additional work.Moreover, this event will help us to increase the capability of organizing big events as it is the biggest event of BRAC University. More than 3500 students enjoyed this event.

Lastly, We would like to mention that organizing this event was our biggest success And we organized this event successfully.

Tag: Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research
Publish Date: October 11th, 2017

Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research (C3ER), in its effort to solve the southwestern region transboundary water issues, organized the workshop on, “Advancing Water Security of Marginalized Communities Living Along Karnali-Ganges River Basin in Nepal, India and Bangladesh” on 10 October 2017 in collaboration with WaterAid, Bangladesh and Shushilan. The workshop was designed to discuss the water issue through an open conversation among the people from local representatives, stakeholders, researchers. Professor Ainun Nishat, Professor emeritus, C3ER, BRAC University facilitated the program.

Dr. Liakath Ali, Director of Programme and Policy Advocacy, WaterAid Bangladesh started the event with a welcome note, “The objective of this project is to make transboundary water governance issue based on the local context and be more implicit and be more sustainable.”Then, Mr. Arjen Naafs, Regional Technical Advisor-South Asia; WaterAid UK presented a detailed overview on the Nepal and India component of project. He also added, “It is possible to solve the transboundary water issues through productive discussion among the representatives of the areas”. Moreover, Mr. Naafs emphasized, “Make sure the voices from communities do not go unheard, particularly about transboundary river issues.”In 2nd Technical Session, Mr. Ramisetty Murali spoke about the basic role of FANSA which is primarily focusing on water and sanitation. He added, “I think this is a compelling need to generate information and disseminate information with particular focus on community experiences, community issues and also informing communities about the transboundary water issues” K. J. Joy, senior fellow at Society for Promoting Participative Ecosystem Management, (SOPPECOM), stated some critical issues of the Karnali-Ghaghra-Ganga Basin. Some of which are drought, flood, high levels of pollution, groundwater, increasing deforestation, erosion, silt deposition downstream, etc.

Professor Ainun Nishat discussed the Bangladesh component for the project. His presentation included a detailed idea about the project area, objectives and outcomes. He said, “If we want to save the environment, water should be saved for it.”The Chief Guest, Md. Abdus Samad shared his concerns, “Rivers are natural reservoirs of water. Sharing of water with good governance and participation of the local community is very much needed”. In the interactive session, Dr. S.M. Abdur Rouf, Kashimari Union Parishad Chairman, Shyamnagar, Satkhira discussed union specific issues like salinity and solutions like rain water harvesting. He hoped that they could solve the problem by implementing proper solution for it. He suggested 2 ways to solve the water problem. There are three sources of water- rainwater, groundwater and river water. But, because of salinity, river water can’t be used in any work. Groundwater is also unusable because of arsenic and salinity. Salinity in water wasn’t this much severe in recent years. But, in recent years, due to natural calamities and sea water rise salinity in water is rising tremendously. So, water scarcity in agriculture, drinking purpose is becoming worse day by day. Also, due to extraction of groundwater, the ongoing situation is exacerbating. He also suggested the rain water harvesting as a good approach to solve this issue. This will lessen the pressure on the groundwater resources. Again, he talked about restoring the dead pond, canal and other water sources to fulfill the water demand. He really appreciated the Indian technology and their ideas to deal with water issues

Arif A. Khan from UNDP said, “The challenge is everything: Too many water, too little water, too saline water”. He also added, “This project will act as beacon for policy makers to go ahead and take measures to decrease sufferings.”Advocate Ataur Rahman, Padmapukur Union Parishad Chairman discussed about river erosion, natural disasters, incapacity to tackle disasters, inadequate cyclone shelters in his area. He also mentioned that there are only 6 shelters for 34000 populations which is quite inadequate. He said, “We are deprived of the privileges our neighbor unions get.”Md. Abdur Rahim, Gabura Union Parishad Chairman emphasized on rebuilding and constructing stronger, sustainable embankments. Mr. Joseph Halder, Head of AIC in NGO forum for Public Health, said, “The community is always participating somehow, they always come up with solutions, but the solutions are based at higher level and decisions come from there. Thus the voices of the local people go unheard.”Professor Ainun Nishat concluded the workshop encouraged excavating and restoring the dead ponds to store rainwater. He quoted, “The local government representatives need to be more vocal and raise their union wise concerns.

Tag: Office of Co-curricular Activities
Publish Date: October 10th, 2017

The ever-growing family of BUCC (BRAC University Computer Club) heartily welcomed its newest members on the 9th of October, 2017 by organizing a Fresher’s Orientation to familiarize them with the club and its members. The event took place at the UB03 auditorium from 5 PM to 7 PM.

The orientation was also blessed due to the presence of Professor Md. Abdul Motalib, Ph.D., Chairperson, Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) as well as honorable advisor Annajiat Alim Rasel, Lecturer III and Undergraduate Course Coordinator, CSE Department, and Md. Shamsul Kaonain Lecturer, CSE Department.

Zahidul Islam Prince gave his warm welcome to all the new members of BUCC. Annajiat Alim Rasel motivated and inspired the students with an eloquent speech where he talked about the importance of participating in club activities and discussed how individuals can improve their personal and professional skills through clubbing.

Maisha Farzana & Tonmoy Rahman elaborated the achievements of the club. They further emphasized on the workshops and seminars organized by BUCC and discussed how they can the help new members.

Humayun Kabir, Director of Event Management, Raihanoor Rayon and Parisa Tabassum, Assistant Directors of Creative Department introduced the members of Event Management and Creative Departments to the audience respectively.

Professor Md. Abdul Motalib discussed his future plans like organizing ICT festival, robotics contest, ICT Olympiad, business ideas & programming language contest and so on. He concluded his speech with the words of inspiration by encouraging the students to participate in more extracurricular activities.

Press Release and Publications Department was introduced by Mahmudul Hasan and Monamy Islam, Directors of Press Release and Publication. Finance department was introduced by Falguni Sanyal Jui, Former Director of Finance, Mitasree Halder, Director of Finance, and Amitabha Dey, Director of Marketing introduced the marketing department. Finally, the Human Resource Department was introduced by Md. Shaown, Director of HR and Abdullah Umar Nasib, Assistant Director of HR.

The auspicious event was comprised of motivational speeches, technical speeches, tech-related quiz session, crest awarding session, introductory, and informative videos, as well as a session of the formal introduction of all the member of the individual wings of BUCC by their respective directors.

Special thanks go to Md. Muyeed Shahriar, G.M Mahbubur Rahman, Zahidul Islam Prince, Prasenjit Das, Amit Dutta, Maisha Farzana, Tanzina Tonny, Suraiya Rahman, Khalid Saifullah, Wasik Ahmed Khan, Md. Abdullah Al Reza, T.I.M Fahim Sahryer, Ahmed Bin Sabit, Md. Ahmedul Karim, Eialid Ahmed Joy, Asadur Rahman Rishan, Leonard Michael Mushfiqur Rahman Sharot, Zarif Ahmed Chowdhury, Sohanul Habib, Amanat Ullah Prottoy, Joy Bordhen, Tarikul Islam, Farzana Haque Toma, Tasin Mahmud, , Jahanara Akter, Anindya Biswas, S. Farhan Ahmed, Shahan Jamil,  and Syeda Tanzina Farhin Toma for helping with the hosting, decorating and effective organization of the event.

Tag: BRAC Business School
Publish Date: October 10th, 2017

As IT sector grows tremendously within the vicinity of the business and social community of Bangladesh, students of BRAC are interested to learn more. As such, there has been a great thriving response from the students which has transformed the curiosity to opening up of a new Major in Computer Information Management in upcoming Spring 2018. Thanks to BBS for inaugurating this new dynamic track for students. Tasinul Islam, a current BBS student has worked hard on initiating the direction through creating an awareness amongst students about the new possibility in Information Management. His passion is displayed through the magnificent CIM Poster he created in collaboration with current CSE371 Section I and II student teams under the supervision Mr. Kamal Hossain, Senior Lecturer of Ecommerce and CIM. Advised by BBS, Mr. Kamal Hossain will be taking MSC451 LAN course while Mr. Nafiul Haque will be conducting MSC443 Database course. Students are invited to join this new major to integrate in an innovative booming sector of IT with great job opportunities. For further consultation, please see Mr. Kamal Hossain UB20503 and Mr. Nafiul Haque UB20805.

Tag: Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Publish Date: October 8th, 2017

World Space Week is an international event which focuses on the achievements of science and technology and how it has changed human lives. This year around 2700 events in 86 countries occurred in order to celebrate this week.

Robotics club of BRAC University participated in this event like previous year. The year, 2017, is a big year for ROBU as the first ever nano-satellite made by Bangladesh came through the hard work of three bright minds of this club and BRAC University, Kafi, Maisun and Antara. The club’s president Adnan Sabbir along with other members beautifully depicted ROBU’s awesome journey and managed the whole event in a perfect way along with Naster Lab. The team leader of Naster lab which is the ground station of BRAC Onnesha, Mr. Shourov and his fellow team members’ presence was encouraging for the school kids. Dr. Khalilur Rahman who is an associate professor of CSE department, principal investigator of BRAC Onnesha project and technical advisor of ROBU gave an inspiring speech to motivate the young minds. Later on Dr. Khalilur Rahman gifted a dummy of BRAC Onnesha on behalf of BRAC University to Mr. F R Sharkar, who is the first Bangladeshi to experience zero gravity flight. Dr. Md. Hasanuzzaman Sagor, Assistant professor of EEE department gave his valuable speech which inspired the crowd even more. After the valuable speeches Dr. Khalilur Rahman, Kafi, Antara, Shourobh and many others were given medals because of their brilliance and efforts for gaining those awesome achievements.

After that, various events took place such as quiz competition and cultural program. Md. Saiful Islam, Lecturer of CSE Department was the judge in the school kid’s art competition. According to him “I am very lucky and honored to be a part of these creative minds”. The winners were given prizes by the honorable teachers and special gifts were given by BRAC University for the winners.

Tag: Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research
Publish Date: October 8th, 2017

Khandaker Jafor Ahmed, Research Associate, Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research (C3ER), BRAC University participated in a Forum on Bringing Together EHS Professional in Bangladesh, on 7 October 2017 which was held in Long Beach Suites, Gulshan, Dhaka. The Forum was organized by the Institute for Sustainable Community’s (ISC) EHS+ Center, North South University in Bangladesh which is working to improve awareness and knowledge of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) professionals and factory managers on the benefits of improved environmental management, occupational health and safety, and energy management practices by  industry. The center has a strong curriculum, master trainers, and a pool of experts who provide advisory services to companies and factories.

The ISC’s EHS+ Center arranged the Forum to bring together the EHS researchers and practitioners around the country. The Forum was inaugurated by the welcome speech of Rita Lohani, Bangladesh Country Director, ISC. Rita Lohani demonstrated the overview of the EHS Center Project conducting 110 projects in 30 countries. Afterwards, there was an open discussion regarding the network of EHS professionals and researchers in Bangladesh. Researchers and professionals shared their opinions about the EHS network’s prospective objectives, procedures, and implementation in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, there was a concurrent training on Clean Energy after the lunch break. The training was facilitated by A M Shahed Iqubal, Faculty, Department of Mechanical Engineering, International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT).The training focused on energy efficiency and energy management by which the environmental quality and sustainability can be improved and sustained.

Tag: Office of the Vice Chancellor
Publish Date: October 8th, 2017

BRAC University in collaboration with the University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh successfully organized a half-day workshop on “Building Resilient Universities: Promotion of Civic Values and Media Literacy” on Saturday, October 07, 2017 at the BRAC University Savar Campus.

The core objectives of the workshop were to promote the idea of civic education, media literacy and emotional health to the faculty members of BRAC University. Twenty five faculty members from BRAC University joined the workshop where Professor Sumon Rahman, Department of Media Studies & Journalism, and Director, Office of Faculty Research, ULAB were some of the key speakers.

The project “Building Resilient Universities: Promotion of Civic Values and Media Literacy”, funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), USA, is framed for twelve months that includes various activities such as ‘developing curriculum’, ‘student survey’, ‘faculty workshops’ and ‘co-curricular student projects’.

The workshop started with Dr. Ansar Ahmed’s, Pro Vice-Chancellor, BRAC University delivering a welcome speech. Dr. Ahmed also ended the workshop with a ceremony of handing over crests to the visiting team from ULAB and to Fahmida Rahman, Special Projects Officer, Office of Vice-Chancellor, BRAC University for coordinating the workshop.  

Tag: BRAC Business School
Publish Date: October 7th, 2017

Dr. Md. Mamun Habib, Associate Professor of BRAC Business School (BBS) and Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Supply Chain Management (IJSCM) – Scopus Indexed, as an invited guest joined MECCELERATION 2017, a Business Case Study Competition, organized by Department of Mechanical Chemical Engineering (MCE) of Islamic University of Technology (IUT) on October 6, 2017 at IUT campus, Board Bazar, Gazipur, Bangladesh.

Dr. Habib delivered a welcome message in the competition among the participants, judges and others. Dr. Habib highlighted the patronization of competition in academic learning. He also pointed out the how competitions help to learn the practical implementation and gather experience of corporate world. Out of more than 100 groups, 12 groups were qualified to join the final competition. It’s noted that one group comprised of BRACU students.

In addition, Dr. Habib inaugurated the program with other distinguished guests. Honorable Professors and faculty members of different universities across the country were present in the program. Dr. Habib was invited by Prof. Dr. Md. Zahid Hossain, Head of the department of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering (MCE), Islamic University of Technology (IUT).

Tag: BRAC Business School
Publish Date: October 6th, 2017

On October 5, 2017 BRAC Business School’s students had a factory visit. It was one of the factories of country famous Super Star Group (SSG). The main objective behind the visit was to make student aware about how various works are done in a factory. This study tour was a part of BUS101 (Introduction to Business) course. The faculty Ms. Tania Akter along with the students left for visit at 10 a.m. and took about an hour to cover the distance. The factory is located in Narayanganj.

As soon as we reached there one of their managers name Mohammad Aulad Hossain, Group Chief Technical Officer, came to help us to visit the factory. The students had no idea about the type of the factory and how they produce this products. But once students entered there, they have seen the production of different kinds of switches, lights, machineries for making this, raw materials and so on. Actually, SSG is an electrical & electronics conglomerate in Bangladesh. They produce various types of electronic product such as fan, light, switch, television etc.

After that the manager brought students each and every floor of the factory and explained how everything works.

There were more than 300 employees who work in this factory, among them 70% are female workers. They basically do physical work like jointing parts, packing the product, moving things one place to another. In this factory, they have some rich quality machine and those are brought from abroad for tasting the product so that they could give their best quality.

After seeing everything in the factory the manager brought in a room where they served some delicious food and gave a presentation on their company. The SSG team shared that now they are exporting their product in abroad which is a proud thing for the country. At 3pm students reached at the University. Later, students shared, that Factory visit was a great experience for them and they could not able to know such important lessons without visiting there.

Tag: Office of Career Services and Alumni Relations
Publish Date: October 6th, 2017

The orientation session of Professional Skills Development Program (PSDP) Fall 2017 was held on 5th October, 2017 in BRACU Auditorium. Out of total 132 registered students, almost all of the students were present in this program; showing a great level of enthusiasm to the revamped program.

At the beginning of the session Mr. Kazi Shahnoor Kabir, Senior Officer, OCSAR, welcomed all students and described the components of the PSDP which is designed to develop Professional Skills within students who are on the verge of entering into the professional world. He explained the objectives of the program which is to equip all graduating students with the necessary skills for job search, individual portfolio development and interview preparation.

As special guest of the event Mr. Sayeed Nasir (General Manager, Human Resources), Bkash, encouraged the students to prepare themselves for the professional world. He focused on the importance of having a good CV and how essential it is to make the first impression to the employers. He also discussed employment opportunities and job market conditions and prospects. In his speech he emphasized on developing business communication skills which will help students to climb at the top of management.

The event concluded with a vibrant interactive Q & A session in which students raised queries about different aspects of the career and professional development process.


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