Advising, Registration and Academics

Q. What is Academic advising?

For most students, the University will be the first time that they will be responsible for things such as selecting courses or choosing a major. An academic advisor, a faculty member, can help with these and other decisions. However advising is a two-way street. Students and advisors both share the responsibility for a successful advising.

Q. Why do I need to meet with my Academic Advisor?

Meeting with your academic advisor will help keep you on track toward completing your graduation requirements. Your advisor will make sure that you are taking the right courses and provide you with necessary information about academic policies and procedures, such as how to register for courses. They will also help you find any support services that you might need

Q. How do I register for a class?

During the registration period, after completing online registration, you must meet with your advisor and get a print out of the registration Form that the advisor must sign.. If eligible, you may register online during pre-advising/registration. Please see the Academic Calendar for registration, advising and payment dates.

Q. Where can I get a current schedule of classes?

A schedule of classes, which lists the courses being offered for a given semester, is published in USIS, website and on the university notice boards.

Q. I can't locate my class. Where did it go?

There may have been a change in time or room location for the section for which you registered. Check your schedule of courses on USIS for updated information or contact the Department Coordination Officer (DCO) of your respective department. If information still is unavailable, contact the Registrar’s Office.

Q. Where can I find a description of courses offered by the University?

A description of courses can be accessed via the website of the respective department or you may contact your department for the necessary information.

How do I know/collect the password for viewing my grades/advising online?

You will get access to your grades by using your credential that is used during online application. If you forgot your access credential, please send your details to usis-help[at][dot]bd. You must change your password after first login for security purposes.

How do I know if I am eligible to register online?

You are NOT eligible for online self registration if:

  • You are a senior or graduate student who is only registered in Inter/Thesis hours
  • You are a freshman
  • You are a first semester transfer student
  • You are not currently enrolled

I meet the requirements for online registration, but I am denied access to the registration link. Why?

Web registration is only available during periods of early/pre-registration. It is not available during late registration or add/drop. Eligible students will only have access to the registration link during their allotted times.

How can I determine if a class/section is full?

You may check for the availability of a class/section by viewing the seat status online.

How many credit hours am I allowed to take in each semester?

a. A new student must register for a minimum of 3 courses (9 credits) including non-credit course (at least 6 credits) and a maximum of 5 courses (15 credits)
b. A continuing student may register for a minimum of 9 credits and a maximum of 15 credits. In exceptional cases, a student may be allowed to register for 16 - 18 credits courses in case of B. Arch and Pharmacy students.
c. If a student receives an F grade in one or more courses s/he must register for those courses before considering registration in any new course. A student on probation (i.e. with a CGPA<1.50) is not allowed to take more than 9 credits. If a student has earned an F grade twice in one or more courses, s/he should meet the Chairperson of the respective departments for special advising.

Q. Who is a full time student?

A student who registers for 12 credits or more is considered a full time student. However, a new student registering for a minimum of 9 credits and a non-credit course will also be treated as full time student. Fee waivers, scholarships and academic honors are considered for full time students only.

Q. Faculty is not calling my name in a class, why?

If you did not pay your fees by the deadline listed in the Academic Calendar your name will not be sent to the course faculty.

Q. When is Add/Drop?

The duration of Add/Drop is the first 1 week of classes for undergraduate programs and the first 2 weeks of classes for postgraduate programs. See the Academic Calendar for the last day to withdraw with 100%, 75% or 50% refund or to withdraw with/without “W” grade. On-line self registration is not available during Add/Drop.

Q. May I register after Add/Drop period?

Students will not be allowed to register for class after the last day of the Add/Drop periods without special permission. Contact with your department if you have crossed all deadlines.

Q. What do I do after Add/Drop?

Your Course Add/Drop, withdrawal is not complete if you do not submit the printed registration form, with a signature from the Advisor, to the Accounts Office. However, submission of registration form is not required if you have changed the sections of the same course.

Q. How do I collect the student copy of the Registration form?

Collect the student’s copy of the registration form from the DCO of your respective Department before mid-week of the semester.

Q. Will I receive a refund for a withdrawal from class?

No. You are entitled to a refund only if you drop classes prior to the end of the Add/Drop period. Please visit the BRACU website for detailed information.

Q. How can I withdraw from all classes?

You have to meet the advisor and provide a valid reason for the drop. If the reason is acceptable to the advisor, s/he will sign the form to drop the course. The form should then be submitted to the Accounts Office.

Q. What is academic standing?

Students are expected to maintain a minimum standard in their academic work. They should take the requisite number of courses and maintain satisfactory grades in them. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 1.50 (both semester and cumulative) in all undergraduate programs and 2.50 in all postgraduate programs; otherwise, the student will be put on probation for the following semester. If the student fails to maintain the required CGPA, the university will review the student's record and may recommend further action, which may include options such as changing the course of his/her study, taking extra courses or, in some cases, withdrawing from the university.

Q. What is Academic Probation?

A student is placed on Academic Probation if s/he fails to return to ‘Good Standing’, with a minimum CGPA of 1.50 by the end of a semester. The student will have only two terms to raise the CGPA to the required minimum and return to ‘Good Standing’. If not, the student is placed on Academic Suspension. Students on Academic Probation are encouraged to take advantage of the services made available by the First Year Advising Team (FYAT).

Q. How can I find out my current academic standing?

Login to USIS by using your valid access credential and you will be able to find your academic standing or awarded on your transcript.

Q. What is the Grading System?

The grades at the university is indicated in the following manner:

90 - 100 = A (4.0) Excellent
85 - <90 = A- (3.7) --
80 - <85 = B+ (3.3) --
75 - <80 = B (3.0) Good
70 - <75 = B- (2.7) --
65 - <70 = C+ (2.3) --
60 - <65 = C (2.0) Fair
57 - <60 = C- (1.7) --
55 - <57 = D+ (1.3) --
52 - <55 = D (1.0) Poor
50 - <52 = D- (0.7) --
<50 -- -- = F (0.0) Failure

Grades without numerical value:
P: Pass
I: Incomplete
W: Withdrawal

Q. How to calculate GPA?

The Grade Point Average (GPA) is computed by dividing the total GPA points by the total number of credit hours attempted.

Q. How do I obtain my transcript?

Transcripts must be requested in writing to the Registrar's Office by filling-up the request form. Students must fill-in all the required fields, sign, and deposit the appropriate fee.

Q. How long does it take to process my request for a transcript/academic documents?

Transcripts are usually processed within three working days of receipt of the completed request. This time may vary during registration and graduation periods. Charges for documents are mentioned in the Document Request Form.

Q. What is the fee for a transcript/academic documents?

Fee for official transcript is BDT 500 per copy. However, emergency official transcript is issued by paying BDT 800 per copy; you need to pay an additional BDT 200 per copy if sealed envelope is required.

Q. If I come to the Registrar's Office, may I obtain my transcript/academic documents on the spot?

No. Three working days is required for processing official transcripts/documents. Emergency transcript is issued in a day. However, student copies can be downloaded from USIS.

Q. Can I have someone else pick up my transcript/ academic documents?

You may authorize someone else to pick up your transcript by sending written permission for that person. The person picking up your transcript must be able to show proper identification.

Q. May I request for a transcript/ academic documents via email?

No. You must submit completed transcript request form to the Registrar's Office.

Q. How do I know if I need an official or an unofficial transcript?

Official copies are usually required for other universities, institutes, scholarship sponsors, certification, and employment. Unofficial copies are usually for a student's personal use. However some institutions accept unofficial copies temporarily until an official copy can be sent.

Academic Honors

Q. What are the requirements for being placed on the Dean's and VC’s List?

Students are placed on Dean's List & VC's list on the basis of the semester GPA. Students must meet the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate students must meet the minimum GPA of 3.7 and above
  • Undergraduate students must have grades, exclusive of Pass/Fail and Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, in a total of 12 or more credits and must not have any grade of F ,W or I
  • For RS (Residential Semester ) a total of 9 or more credits is acceptable
  • No Retake or Repeat

What is Academic Distinction and what is its requirement?

The University awards three types of academic honors at graduation. These Distinction honors, based on the cumulative grade point average (CGPA), are awarded in three categories:

  • Distinction: Awarded to candidates whose CGPA is between 3.50 to 3.64
  • High Distinction: Awarded to candidates whose CGPA is between 3.65 to 3.79
  • Highest Distinction: Awarded to candidates whose CGPA is 3.80 or higher

I am a student of a postgraduate program and most classes are scheduled on weekends. Where should I make my queries and submit necessary papers, if needed?

The regular office hours of the University are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Sunday through Thursday. However, offices of postgraduate programs are open on Fridays and Saturdays as well as at evening on week days, if needed. Please contact with the Coordination Officer of your program for assistance.

Q. I can’t find my answer in your list. Who should I contact?

Contact the University Information and Admissions Desk for any kind of information and queries. You may also forward your queries to info[at][dot]bd

Q. What is the mailing address of the Registrar's Office? 

BRAC University
Office of the Registrar
66 Mohakhali
Dhaka 1212

Q. What is the fax number for the Registrar's Office?

Fax: +880-2-58810383, +880-2-9856163
Attention: University Registrar

Q. What is the phone number for the Registrar's Office?

+880-2-9844051-4 (PABX), 4081

Q. What is the email address for the Registrar's Office?