• Youth for Peace & Harmony

UNESCO Club, BRAC University


  1. To build network with Local and International organizations for building peace & sustainable human development programs.
  2. To inform students and others about Human Rights and Millennium Development Goals.
  3. Study Tour (local or international) – different opportunities to the members of this club to represent and participate in International & National Conferences/Seminars/Summits/Summer camps/Trainings.
  4. Organizing Discussion Sessions, Seminars and Workshops.
  5. Campaign for Human Rights, Gender Equality, Empowering Women, Right to Education and other social development issues.
  6. Community services - support to emergency relief in environmental risk or disaster.
  7. School visit – to inform students about human rights, UN and its work, MDG goals, human rights, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, environment sustainability, environment pollution, child protection/rights, global peace and other current issues.
  8. To build network connectivity with youth wings of different universities.

Club Administration:

Ombudsman Chief - Gourob Singh Hazari

President – Upal Aditya Oikya

Vice-President – Nishat Tarannum

General Secretary – Istiak Uddoula

Membership Criteria:

Students (undergraduate) of BRAC University shall be allowed for being members of this club. Students having good personality and CGPA not under 2.50 could be the members of this club. Experienced people will be given priority. Male & Female members will be given equal opportunity and it is a non-political & anti-racist club (The Statute – Sec. 1, 2, 3).


 Email: unescoclub.bracu[at]gmail[dot]com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/UNESCOBU

Blog: http://ucbu.blogspot.com/

Short Name: 
Foundation Date: 
Sunday, August 3, 2014


Senior Lecturer
Department of Economics and Social Sciences

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