We are an undergraduate Club at BRAC University that provides students with the resources to develop robots. Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, structural disposition, manufacture and application of robots.

The concept and creation of autonomously operating machines dates back a long time, but credible research into the functionality and potential uses of robots did not grow substantially until the 20th century. And today, robotics is a rapidly growing field, as we continue to research, design and build new robots that serve various practical purposes including domestic, commercial and military. The Objective of ROBU is to make students familiar with these hand-on works on robotics.


“Achieve your imagination through your robot” is the vision of BRAC University ROBOTICS CLUB. We want to improve the knowledge of the students about the work on robots from all around the world. In addition, we will strive to find extraordinary talents on the field of Robotics and Intelligence and make them valuable assets of our University.



Rubel Biswas

Lecturer-III, Department of CSE

Email: rubelbiswas[at][dot]bd



Risul Karim

Lecturer-1, Department of CSE

E-mail:  risulkarim[at][dot]bd



Narzu Tarannum

Lecturer, Department of CSE

Email: narzu.tarannum[at][dot]bd






B M Abir

Email: bmabir17[at]gmail[dot]com

Contact: 01915601505


Vice President


Narjis Mostofa

Email: narjismostofa[at]rocketmail[dot]com


Research and Development


Name: M M Shaifur Rahman

Email: shaifur.cse[at]gmail[dot]com 




Monirul Islam Pavel

Director, Logistics

Email: mipavel07[at]gmail[dot]com


Event Management


Tousiful Islam Dipto

Director, Event Management

Email: tousiful.islam101[at]gmail[dot]com




Md. Mahbubul Alam

Director, Finance

Email: mahbubulalam935[at]gmail[dot]com


Human Resource


Name: Abdullah Umar Nasib

Director, Human Resource

Email: umarnasib13[at]gmail[dot]com


Membership rules and policies

Students from any department can join this club. All the members who signed up for a place in the club have to go through an interview session. From this interview, only a few enthusiastic will get selected for the club. One do not need to know rocket science to join ours club, it is all about dedication and hard work for the club. We believe-‘Together we can move mountains’.

Rules and regulations

In order to be in the robotics club you must read, agree and abide by the following rules, rules are created throughout the year by the advisors. The newest copy of these rules will be available on our ROBU LAB or in our FACEBOOK page: Rules not explicitly stated within this document may be put into effect by either advisors or officials if necessary.

1.    Every members should be cooperative to each other.

2.    Every members should have at least one single project in each semester. [No exception will be allowed]

3.    Your id card is your property, ROBU lab won't be responsible for any loss.

4.    If you do not have your ROBU id card with you, consider ROBU lab is restricted for you.

5.    Computers will be used for robotics use only.

a.     You may not play games.

b.     Do not download anything or install programs on the computers.

6.    If you do not have work to do then ask an advisor or a senior member for a job.

a.    If you cannot find a job to do, watch others and learn from what they are doing.

b.    You may not just “hang out” at robotics. You must be doing work.

c.      If you are not content with that, go home.

7.    Put away tools and clean your area after you are done working.

8.    Do not touch parts on the “New Parts” shelf unless specifically instructed to.



International Competition (NASA)

  • Chondrobot 1
  • Chondrobot 2 ( 12th at Lunabotics Mining Competition )
  • Mars Rover

National Competition

  • 2nd at Tech Fiesta 2012
  • 1st at Hackathon 2012
  • Digital world 2012
  • 3rd at National Robotics Festival 2013
  • 2nd at IRC 2013
  • 1st  at CUET Robo Fight 2014ss
  • 1st at Water hackathon 2014
  • 4th in RUET Line follower 2014
  • 1st at Make a Thon 2014
  • 1st at Digital World 2015
  • 1st at Water hackathon 2015
  • 1st at IEB 2015
  • 1st at ESAB IRC 2015


  • Shadow function Robot
  • Electronic Voting Machine
  • Intelligent military vehicle
  • Lego Minds Strom
  • Line Follower Robot
  • Android controlling Robot
  • Sesto Elemento – fighting Robot
  • R-Spy
  • Flying RC Plane
  • Intelligent quad copter
  • Brail Reading
  • Embedded Door Security System
  • Advanced Traffic Monitoring and Controlling System
  • Maze Solver Robot
  • Rescue Bot
  • Wall-E

Research and collaboration

  • BRACU & KYUTECH, Japan
  • First ever UNISEC Global achievement in Bangladesh

Program Arranged

  • Pathfinder-1,2,3,4,5
  • ROBU Fest-2016


Seminar & Workshops

  • Predictive Control of Vehicles for Intelligent Transport System
  • Satellite Research Activities in Kyutech
  • Future Mobility for Developing Countries
  • Initiation of Nano Satellite – you could be next
  • Seminar on Project Management
  • Nano Technology


Tutorials and Workshop

  • 3D solid works
  • Basic Robotics
  • Advanced Robotics
  • Android Control Robot
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Foundation Date: 
Saturday, September 29, 2012


Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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