International Association of Business Communicators


IABC | BRAC University connects communicators in national and international networks willing to motivate, build and support the highest professional standards of excellence and innovation in directorial communication. We aim to be distinguished as the professional association of choice for communicators who desire to stand out in their chosen fields.


IABC | BRAC University is working on the following missions:

  • Assisting members to use the correct communication techniques to effectively reach their audience
  • Enhancing the leadership skill of the members
  • Bridging the outstanding professionals from various fields of work at BRAC University and learn from their experience.
  • Bonding the communication profession worldwide in one diverse, multifaceted organization under the banner of the International Association of Business Communicators.
  • Provide enduring learning prospects that give IABC| BRAC University members the tools and information they require to be the best in their preferred disciplines.
  • Guide the members so that they learn how to effectively utilize advanced information technology in their current and future career.
  • Participate, promote & organize MUN (Model United Nations) concept; to develop leadership, negotiation & communication skills.
  • Continuous effort for community development through active citizenship.

Membership Rules & Policies:

  • All the members have to be dedicated with their works and have to maintain a friendly environment.
  • No member is allowed to abuse or humiliate others. In the mean time mutual respect and understanding needed.
  • If any member becomes irregular and does not work for two consecutive semesters without any valid reason, his or her membership will be terminated.
  •  Every member is responsible to attend all the internal General Body Meeting and Members Meet.
  • Members have to join social works through the club’s activity.
  • Members are strictly prohibited to insult other club members. If anyone is found, he or she will be suspended from all sorts’ activity and promotions. 

Current Governing Body

President (in Charge): Upoma Rashid Nuha (ID: 13105010)

General Secretary (in Charge): Salah Uddin Ahmed Shagor (ID: 13305014)

Activity List along with social impact:

  • “Pink October- Breast Cancer Awareness” that creates awareness and make people understand about this fast growing and alarming issue.
  •  Collaboration with “Teach for Bangladesh” for attracting graduates to work for local community. Teaching underprivileged children and help them by ensuring quality education.
  • Collaboration with Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC) for their building bridge program that teaches fresh first semester students about the responsibility towards community through their leadership training and activity.
  • Participating different national and international MUN, such as; DUNMUN, JUMUN, NSUMUN, CSMUN, Harvard University MUN, Oxford University MUN, Asia Pacific University MUN etc.
  • Organizing BUGMUN (BRAC University Global Model United Nations- The only International MUN in Bangladesh and the biggest one with highest number of committees)
  • Influx- Orientation and asses new members through different leadership and diplomatic activity
  • Insight – Bridging members with corporate leaders.
  • Art of Diplomacy – National event that diversify different age’s people and practicing diplomacy through Mock MUN and Shadow Parliament.



  • HULT Prize 2015 Regional Champion
  • Best Delegates in DUNMUN 2015
  • Become the Head of Delegates in JUMUN 2014
  • Best Delegates in Chittagong Model United Nations 2014,2015
  • Become the Dais member in DUNMUN, CSMUN, CUMUN, JUMUN, Asia Pacific University Model United Nations, Oxford University MUN.
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Foundation Date: 
Tuesday, January 1, 2013


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