Entrepreneurship Development Forum

Mission & Vision:
The Entrepreneurship development forum is founded to fulfill the followings:

  • To learn about international business and how free markets operate within them and to share our knowledge with others.
  • To teach the enterprise system to others on the BRAC University (BU) campus and how to use the Entrepreneurship system effectively.
  • To create an environment where students from all fields can learn how to work together as a team.
  • To provide legitimate working and teaching experiences to prepare students for their careers and to excel in today’s marketplaces.
  • To create a network of EDF students, BU faculty and staff, and local business and community leaders in order to foster mutually beneficial relationships among the students, the university, local business, and the community. 
  • To involve non-business students and members of our advisory board in all our programs and activities.
  • To identify needs within the community that will allow EDF to assist in developing business and personal skills.

EB list:
Alif Uz Zaman Khan, President
Shadman Shoumick, Vice President
Didarul Haque Shakil, Assistant Vice President
Tohinur, Genaral Secretary
Shekh Abdul Ahad, Director of IT
Saquif Ahmed, Director of HR
Tahsin Subah Moumita, Director of Creative
Saiduzzaman Diprow, Director of Marketing
Mitu Yasmin, Director of Communication

Key Activities:
• Case Competition
• Business Plan Competition
• Seminars & Workshops
• Leadership Development
• Building Network
• Study Tours
• Debate Competition
• Quiz competition
• Newsletter Publication
• Formal Parties & Corporate Night
• Underground Concert
• Entrepreneurial Skill Development


  • Club Fair 'Dugdugi' Organized By EDF
  • Organized a Social Entrepreneurship event with Dr. Muhammad Younus
  • Organized Seminar on Chinese Economy and China-Bangladesh Relations, The Chief Guest at the seminar was the ambassador of the People's Republic of China, Mr. Li Jun.
  • FAS BIZ WARRIORS, intra university financial quiz competition
  • Pepsi Business Case Competition 2012
  • Quarter finalist in BRAC University Football League-2015
  • Runners Up in BRAC University Premier League-2015
  • Regularly organize “Meet the Entrepreneurs” with renowned entrepreneurs
  • Organized a seminar on “Leadership Aspects of Corporate World”
Short Name: 
Foundation Date: 
Tuesday, January 1, 2013


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