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The ultimate goal of the club is to be the panacea to the two most common problems faced by prospective Economics graduates. First, we would like to instill academic excellence among students by nurturing their interests and ideas through seminars, workshops and guest lectures. Second, we want to generate career opportunities for potential economists in research as well as in public and private sectors, while preparing them to pursue post graduate studies. Above all, this club will allow members to learn more about the economic world around them including an accurate depiction of Bangladesh’s economy.


Academic excellence shall be honed through “lecture sessions on topics of Economics”, enabling students to relate economic theories with the practical scenarios in world economy. Brown bag seminars would be held with the help from the distinguished faculty of the Department of Economics and Social Science to impart research guidelines to students. Workshops on different “software packages i.e. STATA, EViews, SPSS, MATLAB, SAS” and “quantitative research skills” would be held in order to develop necessary technical skills required for research.

Career opportunities shall be created by forming affiliations with research firms and/or research sectors of well-known organizations, such that the firms may have access to promising research assistants or interns along with full-time or contractual research employees at liberty. Finally, this will be the basis of providing professional experience for students to include in their respective portfolios.

Club Administrators

Nahaz Hashem – President

Mostafa Rafed Hossain – Vice President

KM Masnun Hosain – General Secretary

Ridhim Sadman Gani – Treasurer

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Foundation Date: 
Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Associate Professor
Department of Economics and Social Sciences

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