Drama and Theater Forum

Mission & Vision:

For years now, BUDTF has succeeded in bringing a wide range of brilliant Dramas to BRAC University, performed solely by our very own bunch of creative minds!

We discover and bring forth the rich and colorful cultures of our country into BRAC University. We always encourage new writers, actor, volunteers and organizers every semester in the club, and help them flourish into full-fledged professionals. 

Activity List:

BUDTF brings, to the floors of BRAC University the most diverse, colorful and popular events, every semester.
To name a few, 
Introduction program for the new comers of each semester where they get opportunities to show their talent.
A program with the celebrity drama persons to learn about stage performance. In this program, member or performers of BUDTF get suggestions from the celebrity. 
To take practical knowledge about the theatre.
A program, in which fresher's are performing on stage with their own creation.

Innovations are brought in every semester that have not been seen anyone else ever. With the pictures, for the very first time BUDTF introduced the concept of DIGITAL DRAMA in BRAC UNIVERSITY. And a blend version of MUSIC & DRAMA is called MUSICAL DRAMA, is another creation of BUDTF. 

To take things to a whole new level.... We... YES!!! WE travel to different part of the country and perform in front of thousands to represent our own BRAC UNIVERSITY & BUDTF.

Then comes the Final Showdown of BUDTF.. 
The grandest show of every year!! If there are no "unavoidable situations" usually it's held on FALL semester.. 

Moreover, every semester conclusion there is a tour to distant and beautiful lands of INSIDE BANGLADESH to know & feel the beauty of Bangladesh. Even some time we also go to ONE-DAY TRIP to visit different theatres of the country to represent our UNIVERSITY & to know the rich and colorful cultures of our country.

This is where we live — in the midst of GREAT CREATIONS.

সমগ্র পৃথিবী এক মঞ্চে 

Article II: Purpose

  1. To create a culture of stage drama appreciation amongst BRAC University students through regular workshop and programs.

     2. To bring together members of the university community who share a common interest in       Drama.

     3. To facilitate the interest of the Club members through workshops on various topics such as history, aesthetics, cultural aspects of drama; techniques of acting and script writing.

Article III: Membership

1. Any student, faculty or admin person of BRACU is eligible to become a member of the Club in the following way:

(i) General Members shall be those members who are registered in at least one course at the university

(ii) Mentors shall be those club members who are not currently active members but have been in the past and continue to associate with the club through their support. This category of members will include BUDTF alumni, faculty and staff as well.

2. Active Members will be recruited at the beginning of every term. They will be selected by the executive committee of the club, considering their expertise, interest and passion for drama through Induction.

3. A Member’s membership shall terminate

(i) If he/she misses three consecutive general meetings

(ii) Once he/she graduates from BRACU.

(iii)any sorts of unethical behaviors.

(iii)being a member of another clubs  executive committee

(iv) already terminated for previous executive committee of club

Article IV: Executive Committee

The BRAC University Drama and theatre forum will have an Executive Committee comprising of the following:

(i) President:

(ii) Vice president:

(iii) Director of Finance:

(iv) Director of production:

(v) Director of event management:

(vi) Director of administration:

(vii) Director of IT and Marketing

(viii) Director of Creative

(ix) Director of HR

Article IV: Faculty Coordinator

Higher authorities of BRACU will select 1. The executive body of club will support Advisor and co advisors and OCA and it.

2. All club activities will be overseen by the Advisor and co advisor and all Executive decisions will be reported to them.

3. All financial papers will go through Advisor and co advisor to OCA.



Article V: Executives Duties Title





(i) President



1. Be the official representative of the group to any other organization and to BRAC University

2. Finalize budget in consultation Advisor and VP AND finance director.

3. Meetings will be conducted by the President

4.inform all the mentor before any program



(ii) Vice president



1. Assist the President in his/her duties.

2. In the absence of the President, VP will conduct meetings and all other necessary tasks

3. Maintain PR with other cultural organizations both at local and global level:

i. Stay updated regarding programs, festivals and events the Club can participate in

ii. Build network with other clubs and forums of BRAC university.

4. Organize events and activities for the club



(iii) Director of Finance



1. Prepare the annual budget to be presented to and approved by OCA through the Advisor

2. Give financial status reports at Executive meetings

3. Be responsible for keeping all bills, receipts and vouchers recorded in a ledger and maintain an excel sheet



(iv) Director of HR


1. Call for all meetings

2. Maintain files on:

iv. Member list with name, ID, major, entry year, blood group

v. Prepare agendas for meetings

vi. Meeting minutes

vii. Attendance of general and executive meetings

4. Collect write-ups for publication purposes.


(v) Director of Administration



1. Responsible for execution of events and programs.

2. Responsible for managing rooms/ spaces for rehearsal and events

3. Communicate with the Advisor and co advisor and OCA

4. Has to make sure that all technical logistics are taken care of for events.








(vi) Director of IT and Marketing



1. Responsible for any graphic design/ developing needs such a designing posters, banners, logos etc.

2. Collect write-ups for publication purposes.

3.responsible for promoting club s events both inside and outside of the university.



(vii) Director of Production  



1. all sorts of performance  issues has to consult with president and VP before making any decision of adding or elimination of any drama or musical drama.

2.responsible for balancing performances of new members and existing members.



(viii) Director of Event Management



1. Responsible for execution of events and programs.

2. has to make program schedule consulting with President and VP and DOP.

3. Plan out ideas for the club to carry out and include them in general meeting agendas

4. Will assist the executive committee when called for.




(ix) Director of Creative


1. Design, plan and execute program

2. Design should be shown to the President and vice president before execution.

3.design should be in budget.



Article VI: Selection and of Executives

1. The selection of the Executive Committee will be carried out

a. The selection process of executive committee will be declared by the vote of mentors, existing committee and advisor and co advisor.

executive committee will be selected for a year.

c. In extraordinary circumstances, the advisor will select executive members and get approval of OCA and mentors.

Article VII: Meetings

1. Annual General Meeting will be held once a year and in the meeting the previous Executive Committee will handover responsibilities to the new Committee.

2. General meetings shall be held twice in a month.

3. Executive meetings shall be held at least twice a term; once at the beginning, once after midterms.

4. The entire Executive Committee has to be present at all general meetings.

5. All decisions shall be made by a majority vote of all members present at general meetings, which will be passed at Executive meetings.

Article VIII: Funds

1. The Club will submit a yearly (June to June) budget to OCA.

2. The Club will avail accepted yearly fund for various events through approval of OCA

Article IX: Club Activities

Club activities will include at least the following


1. Workshops will be organized on various technical aspects of stage drama, preferably presided over by people already working in the field.

2. However, Members themselves can hold workshops as well.

3. At least one workshop will be held per term.


1. new member will be recruited  through this events

2. members need to be selected through performance and interview session.

Club activities should expand to:

Annual Dram: This is the primary goal of the club. The club will try to produce at least a Annual drama every year at shilpokala.

Inter University Drama Festival: club will try to participate in various festival and also try to host it .

Synchronizing with the other Clubs at BRAC University: Club will try to Synchronizing with the other club of BRAC University.

I, here by grant these rules and regulations for BRAC University Drama & Theatre Forum.

Short Name: 
Foundation Date: 
Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Lecturer II
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