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Our President: Currently, the club is led by its President, Mr. Sharifur Rahman, who is a final year student majoring in HR & Finance. He joined Grameen Phone in 2013 and was an award-winning employee there in 2014. He has vast experience in organizing & participating in events & other related activities inside & outside BRACU.  Mr. Sharifur has been with the club for well over 3 years now & has great ambitions to further improve the club’s commendable activities & has succeeded in creating a welcoming environment for all club members as well as new faces.  He envisions to create a club that is well known by everyone both in & outside the University and has ensured that every club member works together to achieve this common goal. We at the club firmly believe he is the right person to lead us from the front and that his dedication & loyalty to the club & its members is unwavering.

Our Vision: The vision of this forum is to accomplish the enrichment of Student’s Knowledge Horizon of Business and Economics – By Strengthening students through Leadership Quality and Ethical Motivation. We want a group of Articulate People who will be Socially Responsive for the Development of Bangladesh global

 Executive Board of BeF

Sl. No.






Md. Sharifur Rahman



Vice President

Shamima Tajrian



Vice President

Probal Chandra Barman



General Secretary

Hamim Islam




Tasnia Jebin



Director (HR)

Ishrak Ahmed



Director (Finance & Admin)

Shiffat Manjur



Director (Branding & IT)

Md. Ahnaf Bin Hasan



Director ( Event Management)

Md. Mushfiqur Rahman




Business & Economics Forum takes pride in being able to host & organize regular events every semester, of which we would like to put special emphasis on “Meet the Leader”, BRACU Public Lecture, Seminar on Budget, Club Fair, TEAMS Day, Study Tour to different Industries, etc. We also hope to add new events soon that will be beneficial to freshers & seniors alike.

(i)Seminar on “Budget: Shadharon Manusher Jonno Kototoku Kollyankor”, where Dr. Salehuddin Ahmed, Former Governor, Bangladesh Bank, Dr. Hafiz G.A Siddiqi, Professor Emeritus, BRAC Business School, and Professor A.B. Mirza Azizul Islam, Former Adviser, Caretaker Government have shown their reflections on Budget.

(ii) BRAC University Public Lecture 2016 where Dr. Salehuddin Ahmed, Former Governor, Bangladesh Bank has been present as the keynote speaker. Seminar on Monetary Policy at 2016 has been held with Dr. Mirza Azizul Islam, Former Finance Advisor, Caretaker Government. BeF also recently organized Public Lecture on Sustainable Development with Equity: Can budget attain? With Dr. Akbar Ali Khan, Former Adviser of Caretaker Govt as keynote speaker as well.

(iii) “Meet The Leaders” Program where top management from different leading business organizations (DBBL, Young Consultants, etc) have come up to share key practical insights about the contemporary business world to the student community.

(iv) Article Writing Competition 2015, where Professor Rahim B. Talukder, Adviser, BRAC Business School and Mr. Rezaur Razzak, Associate Professor & Head of Operation, BRAC Business School has been present at the prize giving ceremony.

(v) BeF has also participated in different Business Competitions and Model UN Conferences at both home and abroad representing BRAC University at international level. To mention, BeF team has BRACU SYNERGY become the champion in Inception Business Plan Competition and Daily Star Strategy Case Competition in 2016. BeF team has also represented BRAC University at KIIT Model United Nations Conference 2015 at KIIT University, India for the theme of “GLOBAL PEACE THROUGH SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”.

Currently we are planning to add study tutors in our club to help out fellow club members, as well as sending some of our members to be FYAT mentors or Teacher’s Assistants. We also organize workshops for our members to help them in their studies. We are also launching Knowledge Generator Campaign where our members will be mentored with their studies in critical courses.

This semester, we are planning to organize the first Inter University competition in BRACU the FInstorm, Finance Competition. We are working with the sponsors basically. The finstorm will be the first of its kind in Bangladesh hopefully. We will also organize Intra BRAC Business Essay Writing Competition as. we believe, good writing skills nowadays are rarely found among students. We want to enhance business writing skills among bracu community This semester, our champion team who have won Daily Star Strategy Master and Inception Business Plan Competition, are preparing for SBYA Social Business Competition, and also for the Asia Pacific Model UN Conference. Later in the semester, we have been working to arrange our series of Meet the Leaders program where we bring top management of different corporate, MNCs, government sector to share their success stories for motivating the students and also notifying key business issues practiced in real life which has not been in the class room education.

The goal of our programs is to ensure that club members & participants of our events are benefitted in some way that will help their current studies as well as their future careers.


During our progress, we have been able to pride ourselves in some truly remarkable achievements of our wonderful members.  We were the champions of Inception Business Plan Competition & organized as well as won Daily Star Strategy Master 2016 Business Case Competition. Business & Economics Forum also organized the BRACU Business Article Writing Competition. We have successfully hosted Meet the Leader event throughout the years on a regular basis, as well as ensured that there is a Seminar on Budget every year during the Summer semester. We have participated at Model UN Conference at both home and abroad, including KIIT Model UN Conference at India. BeF team has been also the semi-finalist in CreADive Ad-making and Business Communication competition as well.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Assistant Professor
BRAC Business School

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