BRAC University Pharma Society


“Celebrating Pharmacy”


The mission of BRAC University Pharma Society to create an atmosphere of joy and festivity along the side of learning pharmacy through a diverse series of co-curricular projects with a goal to create proficient, creative and dynamic healthcare leaders.


BRAC University Pharma Society thrives to bring about the following in veracity-

  • Organize a gathering of students of pharmacy across nationwide national and private universities.
  • Become a member of the internationally recognized forums of pharmacy students around the globe.
  • Create floors for pharmacy students to attend international seminars, workshops dedicated to pharmacy students.
  • Celebrate national and internationally recognized health/disease awareness days.
  • Publish an annual magazine.
  • Lead BRAC University Pharma Society towards becoming a brand in healthcare awareness and activist campaigns among national student forums.
  • Shine, nurture and develop the talents veiled in the students of pharmacy of BRAC University.
  • Work alongside BRAC and other organizations in intersecting prospects of the club.
  • Participate in voluntary works that would leave a footprint on social impact.
  • Undertake community based assignments and arrange to publish them as reports.
  • Assist Department of Pharmacy of BRAC University in regular functions.
  • Conduct seminars, workshops, events, awareness campaigns beneficial to the education in pharmacy.   


Membership Rules and Policies:

  • Any student of department of pharmacy of BRAC University is entitled to a membership of BRAC University Pharma Society.
  • An individual has to submit an application, CV and participate at the interview as per the recruitment notice.
  • A member of the club must follow the rules and regulation of BRAC University.
  • Failure to do so, he/she may have to face obliteration from the club. 

Activities since January 2016:

  1. Winter Clothes Distribution: “WINTER DIMPLE” (Jan 30)
  2. Awareness Campaigns-
  • World Thyroid Day (Jan 18)
  • World Rheumatoid Day (Feb 02)
  • World Cancer Day (Feb 04)
  • World Kidney Day (March 11)
  • World Oral Health Care Day (March 20)
  • World Tuberculosis Day (March 24)
  • World Health Day (April 7, Outdoor Awareness Campaign)
  • World Malaria Day (April 25)
  1. Seminars-
  • Exploring Leadership (Feb 09)
  • Pharmacovigilance (Feb 28)
  • “Need for youth engagement in climate change issues”
  1. Celebration of International Mother Language Day: একুশ মােন মাথা নত না করা (Feb 25)
  2. Fresher’s Orientation Program: Disco Capsule (March 30)
  3. Celebration of Pahela Baishakh 1423: পহেলা ৈবশাখ েমেহেদী উতসব (April 13)
  4. Workshop on Poster making and banner designing (April 20)
  5. Acknowledgement of World Earth Day by cleaning the shores of Buriganga River. (April 22) 
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Foundation Date: 
Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Senior Lecturer
Department of Pharmacy

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