The aims of the BULS are as follows:

1. To provide a forum for discussion of current legal issues, and to create legal awareness.

2. To instill in the members of the BULS the motto: “Lawyers as Social Engineers”.

3. To instill in the members the will to strive for a democratic society; and to raise their voice against social injustices.

4. To bridge the gap between the study of Law and the practice of Law through talks by Advocates and members of the Judiciary and by Court Observation Visits.

5. To encourage an interest in the practice of law and in debate and the art of speaking, through participation in Moot Court Competitions.

6. To raise the profile of the School of Law, BRAC University through the abovementioned activities.


1. Garnering an interest in law as an integral part of social development.

2. Encouraging and enhancing research and writing skills.

3. Putting the School of Law, BRAC University on the map.

 Membership Rules

  1. All Students of School of Law can be the members of BULS if they sign up in club fair and attend the orientation program.Members need to be dedicated and active.
  2. BULS can recruit executive from the members if they can show their ability to work with BULS.


Current Governing Body List

President: Sharmin Jahan

Vice President: Iftekher Alam

Treasurer: kiffat Bakhtiyar 

Activity List with social Impact

Every semester BULS published newsletter ‘ACUMEN’ based on any kind of legal issues and social awareness.

Organizing Seminars based on Human rights, women protection, Intellectual property etc.

Every week members of BULS do collection of documents on current topics which has published on newspapers to get up to date with the current world.

BULS organized “Study Circle” to discuses some real problems in recent times and how to solve those problems.

BULS organized lecture program based on any legal issue once in a semester.

BULS Participate and trained law students for the moot competition in national and international level.

BULS takes part in sports.

Members of BULS do voluntary works for many organizations and NGO.

Members of BULS take part many seminars and workshop to increase their skill of knowledge.

BULS organized court visit to enrich student’s knowledge about court activities and court manner.


 1. For the last two years the Bangladesh Mahila Parishad and BRAC University Law Society together is organizing a program on “Sexual Harassment of women in public places.” for celebrating International Women Day.

2. BULS is the only club which has provided newsletter (ACUMEN) in the University.

3. BULS has one champion trophy and has two runners up trophy of BRAC University Football league.

4. BULS has one” Independence Cup” Champions trophy of BRAC University.

5. BULS has become champion on “BRAC University Charity Cricket for Children” Match.

6.  BULS has attended Price media law moot court competition, 2nd best national team in south Asia round. 2014-15.

7. It became Champion on “Vertex Moot Court Competition”.

8. BULS members do voluntary work for UNCHR regarding “Refugee Protection Rights “on 24th May, 2016 

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Foundation Date: 
Tuesday, October 21, 2014


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