BRAC University CHESS Club


Promote the game CHESS among the students as well as the teachers of the university

Promote CHESS as an educational tool

Promote CHESS as game for brain skilling and mind development

Enlighten everyone about the importance of playing CHESS

Bring out the best CHESS players from all part of the university

Creating a healthy and friendly atmosphere of playing CHESS

Involve the CHESS players to take participation in different CHESS competition
Highlight the wonders and impact of CHESS in works and life, by bringing out the best of its players or representatives from BRAC University and also through arranging National level competitions to bring out the National level talents to represent them in further big competitions.
Effectively introduce CHESS into every corner of BRAC University

To promote the importance and fun of playing CHESS among the students through seminars and workshops

Spread the concept of CHESS nationwide by bringing out the top players and representatives of different universities through arranging different Intra-University and Inter-University CHESS Championships


BRAC University CHESS Club


After the successful formation, BRAC University CHESS Club has been performing a varied range of activities throughout the year.

  1. Session with Grandmasters- BRAC University CHESS Club arranged 2 sessions. The 1st one included the session conduction by Poland grandmaster- Katarzyna Toma and Bangladesh grandmaster- Niaz Murshed. The 2nd one was conducted by BD grandmaster- Niaz Murshed. These sessions included learning different trick techniques, useful tips for checkmate etc. The sessions were covered by different electronic media’s like- NTV and different online media’s.
  2. Weekly CHESS Activity- BRAC University CHESS Club is continuously arranging a Weekly CHESS Activity in every semester every once in a week in Prangon premises from 02:00 p.m. to 05:00 p.m. The timings and day might change based on the availability of the students. The purpose of organizing this is to motivate and involve more and more students in playing chess. Not only the students but also the faculties and staffs are also welcomed to play chess in our activity. This activity is continuous since its establishment.
  3. Intra-University CHESS Championship, 2015- This was the very 1st tournament arranged by BRAC University CHESS Club. This tournament involved a large range of participants and there was presence of Grand Master Niaz Murshed. The tournament results were calculated by a skilled and international Arbiter Harun Ur Rashid from Bangladesh CHESS Federation
  4. BRAC University CHESS Championship, 2016- BRAC University CHESS Club organized a chess tournament titled ‘BRAC University CHESS Championship 2016 on March 05. The motive of this tournament organization was to bring out the best chess players of BRAC University for the formation of perfect team to participate in the upcoming National level CHESS tournaments. The tournament was covered by a few online media’s. The chief guest for the tournament was Grand Master Niaz Murshed. The tournament results were calculated by a skilled and international Arbiter Harun Ur Rashid from Bangladesh CHESS Federation.
  5. Residential Campus Activity: BRAC University CHESS Club is also responsible for the inauguration of Weekly CHESS Activity in Savar Campus. In Residential Semester 41 the Weekly CHESS Program was inaugurated by Grand Master Niaz Murshed and Campus Superintendent Mr. Rehan in Murchona premises. BRAC University CHESS Club has also held 3 CHESS competitions in Residential Semester 40, 41 and 42. The CHESS Activity classes held every Friday (every student needs to choose a mandatory activity and it is among it) are conducted by our Advisor Shams Ud Duha and our club trainers.

Social Works:

BUCHC is also involved in social activities. The Training department of the club started the program “BRAC School Chess Program” where trainers from the club went to BRAC Schools to teach chess to the underprivileged students and as a start, the two schools that were selected are situated in Korail Bosti and Shaat Tola Bosti. The class taking varies from 1 or 2 classes per week depending on the availability of the students in BRAC School. The tutors use the provided boards and other available resources to teach the students and it is a surprise that many of the students picks up the game quite fast. We do not expect them to catch the game concepts this fast but due to their quick response it has become easier for us to teach them as well. Moreover, most of the students are very eager to learn chess and a few students proved exceptional at chess for their age and level.

Topics covered in the classes-

(a)   Concept of chess

(b)   Introduction to chess boards

(c)    Introduction to chess pieces

(d)   Basic capturing

(e)    Check

(f)    Checkmate


Connections with Media: BUCHC has a wide range of connections with different types of media. Like; Dailies- Prothom Alo, Dhaka Tribune; Online Medias; Electronic Medias- NTV.

Upcoming plans: BUCHC is also planning to organize an ‘Inter-University CHESS Championship 2016’ with the participation of a large number of universities across the country. This tournament is probable to occur somewhere between September to October this year.

BRAC University CHESS Club


Membership rules and Policies:

BRAC University CHESS Club mainly selects not only chess player to train other or BRAC School program but also those who want to work with and in the Executive Body. We make top position for them according to both their experience and level of semester and their ability to govern the club on the basis of reaching the ultimate goal which is organizing the interuniversity. We also give great importance on the dedication of work in different club activities and programs.

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Foundation Date: 
Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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