• To offer the BU students opportunities to exercise leadership & teamwork, and enhance their business learning through partnership with corporate and academe.
  • To facilitate business learning and networking with experienced peers and professionals.
  • To assist the students in developing managerial and team-building skills.
  • To arrange trips to different business organizations to gain practical experience on:
    - Technical knowing; how of the business world
    - Corporate environment
    - Various management practices
  • To arrange regular meetings to discuss the activities of the club.
  • To organize regular seminars, workshops and competitions to engender interest among the students about the business world.
  • To conduct fund raising activities to stand beside the distressed community.


The objective of BIZ BEE is to offer its members every possible opportunity and access to every bit of information that an individual needs to become a successful leader of the future. BIZ BEE tries to facilitate business learning and networking on top of developing managerial, technical knowing and team-building skills.


We want to create a nation-wide network and community of professional minded students and facilitate them to attain higher levels in performance and professional attitude. There is no end to improving ourselves. We want to keep getting better and better at what we do and achieve perfection.


Governing Body:

  • Ahata Shamul Haque Sourav – President
  • Zoaib Hasan Tuson- Vice President
  • Syeda Fahmida Sultana- General Secretary
  • Mahmudul Kader Siddique- Additional Vice President
Short Name: 
Foundation Date: 
Tuesday, January 21, 2003


BRAC Business School

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