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About Art Society (club):

ART Society BRAC University” is one of the finest, active and “Artistic” clubs in BRAC University. We have chosen the term “society” because we believe, with the term society the members would feel more attached and connected rather than just being in a club and doing the activities.

Mission: The main motive of our club is to find the hidden creativities of the students through their art works that could be in different forms such as- sketches, water painting, oil painting, origami’s, pastel arts, calligraphy, abstract arts, sculpture, graphics art, Mehdi art, street art, doodles and many more through different events. This club not only works for the students who already have the skills but also provide skills to those who are very much eager to learn. This is a club which is not only working for the members of the university but also works for the society out there through some social activities. We also encourage students to participate as event organizer so that they can also learn the management skill (leadership) which is needed in every aspect of personal and professional life.   

Vision: There are two different routes we want to work for- Nationally and Internationally. We want to create a group from the university with the developed skills which will uphold the name of BRAC University nationally and also we want to take the club in such a level by which it becomes a pride for not only our University but also for our nation worldwide. We want to represent our University through the talents of the students.

Programs: We arrange various events such as-“আর্ট ইশকুল”(Art ishkool) Workshops on teaching all forms of art, “CANVAS” where anyone can draw anything with the motto grow your imagination, “Art Exhibition” where students can exhibit their arts. “Mehedi Uthshob” which is an event especially for girls, “Painting Competition” where students can show their creativity, “Puppet Show” a very popular art form of our culture, “Social Activities” where art society works for the society and so on. You can follow our facebook fan page here:

 Achievements: Our students not only participated in the events of our university they also engaged themselves in the other university events too. Such as –

Art Society brought glory for BRAC University by clinching the Championship title of the National ‘Alpona (আলপনা)’ Competition organized by Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited “Tomar Ronge Rangao Campus (“তোমার রঙে রাঙাও ক্যাম্পাস)” on the eve of “Pohela Boishakh 1423 (পহেলা বৈশাখ ১৪২৩)

At AIUB there was an Inter Private University Art exhibitionwhere the students of our University participated through our club. Artist Ronobir was the judge of this event. And the best part some of our students got awards for showing their talent.

At NSU an event called “CANVAS took place where again our students participated with their art works. And here the sponsor was “KALER KONTHO” and the judge was our respective cartoonist Ahsan Habib. We showed our talent and creativity there too and got the appreciation by getting the awards.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Senior Lecturer
Department of Economics and Social Sciences

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