FYAT Program Activities

The First-Year Advising Activities (by semester) are provided below:

First Semester

  • Group Meeting at FYAT Initiation Day;
  • Individual advising meeting before Midterm;
  • Individual or group meeting after Midterm;
  • Regular Adviser and Mentor contacts with students via telephone, email, and social media;
  • Identify and refer failing/probationary students for remedial assistance (Early Intervention Scheme).
  • Submit end-of-semester advising reports for each individual advisee.

Second Semester

  • Savar campus visit for group meetings and consultations;
  • Review academic results and challenges from previous semester;
  • Establish advising system via electronic means;
  • Provide academic support and advise before and after Midterms;
  • Continue academic monitoring and Early Intervention Scheme.

Third Semester

  • Individual and group advising before and after Midterm exams;
  • Review academic results, challenges and progress during previous semester(s);
  • End-of-year group activities and (suggested) group tours in Dhaka.

The projected activities for second and third semesters of first-year include

  • Individual and/or group activities for the Residential Semester, and once during the Third Semester back at main campus. ;
  • Main means of communication and advising between student and Adviser/Mentors during second and third semesters will be via email and group communication (Facebook/TSR/Moodle);
  • Some of the suggestions for semester group meetings in semester 2 & 3 include: 

- First-Year Advising Day at Savar Campus during 2nd Semester;
- First-Year Volunteer Service Day (or variant) during 3rd Semester;
- Group outings to prominent Dhaka sights and activities.

  • The details of these meetings will be decided on the basis of further consultations with the Faculty Advisers