Counseling FAQ

General Concerns referred to Counselors:

Enlisted below are a few of the general concerns frequently referred to Counselors:

  • I am feeling home sick.
  • I am feeling lonely and sad.
  • Interacting with others is my problem.
  • I am feeling stressed.
  • I am not doing well academically.
  • My anxiety is negatively affecting my performance.
  • I have problem which I cannot express openly so want to talk.
  • My eating habits are creating problems in adjustment.
  • I feel myself an alien because of my absolutely different background.
  • Because of my shyness and self-consciousness my friend circle is not growing.
  • Can I trust the psychological testing for future planning?
  • My negative thoughts are over powering me.
  • I have lost interest in studies
  • My aim in life is missing.
  • I am losing temper very frequently.
  • I am losing confidence because of my weak English.
  • I have poor decision making power.
  • How can I control by irresistible desire of any kind of addictions.
  • Are there any special services for me?

University Adjustment

Adjusting to university can be difficult. Students may experience discomfort related to:

  • First time exposure to university
  • Classroom etiquette 
  • Course load 
  • Study habit
  • Time management
  • Communication with Faculty 
  • Peer relationships 
  • Language difficulties
  • And more…