RMO Services

The office provides support in three main areas:

Creative Services:

Creative services include print and design of several brochures; website advertisements/contents design and support audio and video production and maintaining the University’ visual identity.

RMO organizes three ‘Freshers’ Orientation’ programs for each semester throughout the year.

During the ‘Freshers’ Orientation’ program of BRAC University, at Mohakhali campus around 1000 personnel including students, parents, faculties and staffs are to be present at the program. Its a two - daylong event. In day one, new students come with their parents where VC, Pro-VC, Registrar and Head of various departments of BRACU welcome the new student. In day two, its only for the new students where they are informed about rules and regulation of BRACU as well as more important information of BRACU in details followed by cultural program. This event is conducted by BRACU senior students with the support of RMO. 

RMO also organizes the VC and Dean Certificate ceremony in every semester in collaboration with Registrar’s office. In this event brilliant and meritorious students of each department are recognised by a certificate.

RMO is also responsible for planning, archiving and announcing of ‘Financial aids’ that are offered to BRACU students in several categories. RMO plays a vital role to collect the data and analyzes with the help of ‘Management Software, based on which students get the scholarship.

BRAC University offers scholarship to students in every semester, on the basis of their academic result. It also provides financial assistance to undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled at the University who are obtaining excellent academic result, but facing genuine financial constraints. This ensures that financial need is not a barrier for bright and needy students. Its scholarship and financial aid process is transparent and credible and provides in an effective, timely, fair and impartial manner to all who qualify. Students apply for the tuition fee waiver in the prescribed form. The financial need for each applicant is assessed by the Scholarship Committee.


Although the university does not guarantee accommodation to all students, it offers accommodations to the female students on need basis who come to study from distance. The location of the hostel is within walking distance. RMO provides all logistic support to the residing students. RMO ensures smooth functioning of the BRACU Hostel through the Hostel Superintendents. RMO also solve the issue and other problems of BRACU girls’ Hostel.
RMO processes internal (staff/student) and external communications through a range of print and online mails. As part of the role the office works, closely with registrar, accounts and VC’s offices.

RMO is responsible for developing the University’s strategic messaging and working with others to develop that message for different audiences.
RMO produces the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Prospectus of each year and have the responsibility to oversee and support all print and online communications produced throughout the University and University's advertising and branding.

Enquiries Management

RMO ensures that institutional culture is developed and maintained inline with the mission of the university. The RMO organizes visits to various reputed schools and colleges across the country to encourage bright and talented students to enroll in BRAC University.

RMO ensures that all events in the university are properly organized, communicated, implemented and registered. It encourages collective integrity; inculcate responsibility and accountability in the students in all their activities. It recognizes the creative talents among students.

It is pertinent to express here the ‘open door policy’ of RMO. In the manifestation of instilling institutional culture, the department strives hard to excel itself through an interactive program with students – guardians. RMO therefore is a mirror of all that BRACU offers and makes it outstanding.