Scholarships and Financial Aid

Details of Scholarships/ Financial Aid Program ]


  • Merit Based Scholarship:Undergraduate students will be eligible for Merit Based Scholarship after completion of 30 credits.
  • In the subsequent semesters student will have to take minimum 12 credits (students from Pharmacy Department will have to take minimum 18 credits)
CGPA 3.70 - 3.84 3.85 - 3.89 3.90 - 3.94 3.95 - 3.99 4
Tuition Waiver 10% 25% 50% 75% 100%



  • Scholarship Based on previous academic results:
    - Students who obtained GPA of 5.0 (without 4th subject) in SSC and HSC or equivalent.
    - Students who obtained 6 'A' in O level/IGCSE (in two sittings) and 2 'A's and 1 'B' in 'A' Level or equivalent.
    - From the second semester students need to maintain a minimum GPA/CGPA of 3.70.

Financial Aid

Sl. No. Scholarship/ Financial Aid Category Eligibility Minimum GPA/CGPA (%) of Tuition Fee Waiver
1. Sibling
  • Has one sibling already studying at BRACU, the second child of the parents.
3.00 30%
2. BRAC Scholarship
  • Economically disadvantaged or orphans.
  • Parents with monthly income not more than Tk. 20,000/-
  • Score of GPA of 4.5 without 4th subject (GPA 4.0 for indigenous students) in SSC and HSC or equivalent .
  • Students who obtained 4 'A's in O level/IGCSE (in two sitting) and 1 'A' and 2 'B' in 'A' level or equivalent.
3.00 100%
3. Need Based Scholarship
  • Completion of 30 credits for undergraduate students
  • Parent with monthly income not more than Tk. 20,000/-
  • Unexpected family/financial crisis.
3.25 Up to 100%
4. Physically Challenged Students
  • Physically challenged students will receive special fee waiver at various rates to be determined by the Scholarship Committee on case-to-case basis.
3.00 Up to 100%
5. Children of Freediom Fighter
  • The children of Freedom fighters will be eligible for tuition fee waiver as per the instruction from UGC.
3.25 100%
6. Spouse, Father- son/daughter, Mother- son/daughter
  • Any one of the mentioned member will get tuition fee waiver.
3.25 50%
7. Children of BRACU Employee
  • Faculty member and employee can apply for tuition fee waiver for their two dependent children if he/she remains in service
  • The scholarship will not be applicable if the faculty member or staff does not continue employment with BRACU.
3.25 50%
8. BRACU Regular staff and Faculty
  • Any permanent faculty or staff of BRACU who wishes to study at BRACU can apply for waiver.
3.25 50%
9. Debater's Blue Scholarship
  • Nominated by the Debater's Blue Advisory Committee.
3.25 50%


** All categories of scholarship will depend on the performance of the students and availability of fund.

ONLINE Form is available at the following link :