Exams and Tests

The performance of the students is evaluated throughout the semester through class tests, quizzes, assignments, and midterm’s exams. End of semester evaluation includes final exams, terms papers, project work etc. Numerical scores earned by a student in tests, exams, assignments etc. are cumulated and converted to letter grades. All Students are required to attend all tests, quizzes, assignments and exams.

Quizzes /Tests/Assignments

Quizzes /Tests/Assignments are scheduled in class hour or tutorial hour.

Mid Term & Final exams

Midterm exam is held in the midterm exam week announced in the Semester Calendar. The duration of the midterm exam is between one to two hours.  
Final Exam schedule is announced in the Semester Calendar. Final exams are comprehensive and the duration of the final exam is three hours for 3 credits course and two hours for a 2 credits course.

Students who attend final exams and are unable to complete them for any reason are assigned a failing grade (F). These students are not allowed to complete the exam at another time or appeal for a make-up exam. Students who do not withdraw or drop from courses and do not take their final exams are also assigned a failing grade for final exams.

Exam conflicts

An exam conflict occurs when a student has two exams or a class meeting and an exam scheduled for the same day and time. If the conflict involves two exams, the student will take both exams on the same day: one with the class and the second exam at a different time that day as scheduled by the instructor or department.

Make up Exams

All students are expected to take their exams on time and as scheduled.

Make up tests, exams or quizzes may be organized for those students who could not take the tests/exam/quizzes for medical or other compelling/unavoidable reasons acceptable to the University. A student has to apply for make ups showing reasons with evidence for his failure to take the scheduled tests. Students seeking leave or make up exam on medical ground must contact the Medical Officer of the BRAC University as soon as possible and obtain Medical Certificate from him/her.

For make up of Quizzes, Class Tests, Assignments, Participation etc, s/he should apply to the Course Teacher and for make up of Mid Term and Final Exam, s/he should apply to the Chairperson of the parent  Department through the Course Teacher by filling the Makeup Exam form. The fee for Make up exams is Tk. 1500/-. The Makeup Exam form is available at Registrar’s Office and on website. Students must apply for a makeup exam within 10 days from the last day of the exam.

Make up Midterm exams, Registrar’s Office will announce and post the schedule for make up Midterm exams on the Notice boards and on web site.

Make up of Final exams, will be held with the final exams of the next semester, provided the same courses are offered or in the semester when the course is offered next. The students who are permitted to appear in Make up examination(s) will be assigned an ‘I’ grade for that course and this grade will stay until the student appears in the make up examination at the first available opportunity; if s/he fails to appear in the make up examination the ‘I’ grade will automatically be converted to ‘F’ grade.”

Directions for Make up Exam:

  • Collect the makeup Form from registrar’s office
  • Verify your medical certificate/documents along with your health card from BRACU medical center (for medical ground)
  • Take approval of the course teacher/s
  • Take approval from the Dean/Chair of your respective Department
  • Fee for Make up exam of each course is Tk. 1000/- . Submit your fee to BRAC Bank collection booth locked at Ground Floor of UB2.
  • Collect clearance from accounce office locate at 6th Flore of BU6
  • Submit the form to the Registrar’s Office (locate at 4th Floored of BU6) with Sufficient documents within 10 days from the last day of the exam.

Exam Policies and Procedures

  • Every student has to report to the assigned exam hall/room at least15 minutes before the exam starts. If a student arrives more than 30 minutes late, he/she is not allowed to take the exam/test at the scheduled time. Scheduled exam/test time will not be extended to make up for late arrival.
  • Check in with the invigilator by presenting your ID-Card.
  • All personal belongings are to be left in areas designated by the invigilator. Under no circumstances are these items to be taken into the exam/test room.
  • Confirm your start and finish time with the invigilator and whether you want to be advised of the remaining exam/test time.
  • No one will be allowed to leave the hall/room within the first one-hour and the last one-hour of the exam except in case of emergency.
  • Electronic and telecommunications devices are not allowed in the exam/test room. This includes cellular phones, pagers, MP3 players, programmable or graphing calculators, personal assistant devices, personal computers etc.
  • Students are allowed to bring non-programmable calculators, pens, pencils, erasers, non-programmable clock/watch etc. The invigilator may ask to check items brought into the exam/test room.
  • Unless specified by your course instructor, prepared notes such as crib/cue sheets, word lists/memory aids will not be allowed in the exam/test room. Prior to the date of a test/exam, the use of any aid must be approved by your course instructor; otherwise it will not be permitted.
  • Unless specified by your course instructor that the exam/test is an open book format, books will not be allowed in the exam/test room.
  • Students are not allowed to take breaks during the exams. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to leave the premises except to use the washroom facilities with invigilator escort. Extra time is not allotted for breaks.
  • Only one student will be allowed at a time to go out for use of toilet or for other emergency reasons.
  • Invigilators are not permitted to discuss exam/test questions with you. Any questions or concerns should be brought to the attention of the invigilator who will record them for your course instructor.
  • Students can request ahead of time that the course instructor or assistant come to the exam/test room during scheduled exam/test time to clarify or answer your questions within your scheduled exam/test timeframe.
  • Every piece of exam script including the extra script should bear the invigilator’s signature.

Exam offence

  • Resorting to unfair means is considered a very serious offence. Stern disciplinary actions will be taken in such cases.
  • Cases of cheating or plagiarism will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee, which shall investigate the matter and recommend necessary action(s).
  • Rules against cheating and plagiarism shall be strictly enforced.

Policy on offences
and related disciplinary actions

  • Implementation of punishments related to cheating during exams as decided by the Disciplinary Committee should be expeditiously carried out.
  • Jurisdiction for various levels will be determined by the university authority for different levels of offences during exam.
  • Standardization in punishments will be made as detailed below:
    - Level 1 to be implemented by the invigilator
    - Decisions on Levels 2 and 3 can only be taken by the Disciplinary Committee of the university.