Bachelor of Laws [LL. B. (Hons.)]

The undergraduate law program at BRACU School of Law is designed to prepare students for careers in law-judges, lawyers, administrators, and academics-and leadership roles in tomorrow's globalised economy and society. The four-year academic programme would enable students to pursue a range of fundamental topics in law and the legal system. Moreover, flexibility of curriculum would make it possible for them to pursue their individual academic interest in practically every area of law by selecting elective courses and topics of their own choice from one of the broadest selections available in any School of Law or University in Bangladesh.

Law is much more than principles and provisions-it is about justice, equity and fairness as well as the values around which societies organised themselves through orderly institutions. Law is also intertwined with economy, development, business and the emerging globalised order. For a jurist, law does not exist in a vacuum and law is very closely related to and interacts with other social forces and issues. Hence, a law student at the BRACU School of Law will also take up subjects from other disciplines. In fact a law students will take 9 courses outside law-Economics, English, Development Studies and even Photography; and the choice is wide and varied.


'To the Romans, Justice was a goddess whose symbols were a throne that tempests could not shake, a pulse that passion could not stir, eyes that were blind to any feeling of favor or ill will, and the sword that fell on all offenders with equal certainty and with impartial strength.' Now, Justice-in the name of Rule of Law is a sine-qua-non for the maintenance of peace and tranquility in a given polity. Moreover, in a society advancing rapidly, it is the law that gives the lead to society and places before it ideals and values to which people should conform. Recognising BRAC's background, BRACU's commitment and goal, the School of Law would endeavor and strive to impart an education to seek legal solution that respects social, cultural and aesthetic needs of the people and prepare tomorrows lawyers to meet the challenges of the new millennium and the realities of globalisation.