Master of Public Health

Since its inception, more than three hundred students with diverse academic backgrounds in the social sciences and medicine, representing 22 countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South Americas, and Europe have graduated from JPGSPH.

Starting in 2005, our MPH students have had the opportunity to share intellectual insight and create an international network with visiting students from Harvard University and the University of Nagasaki. Over the last four years, a cohort of George Washington University students have been participating in the first semester and jointly studying with our MPH students.

Graduating students have moved on to work for their respective governments, national and international NGOs and with various donor and UN agencies. Additionally, universities and research organizations have also employed a large number of our MPH graduates.

MPH Course Design

  •  The MPH is a 51 credits residential programme which begins early in the year and runs full time for 12 consecutive months. There are vacation breaks (2-3 weeks) interspersed through the programme;
  •  Multi-disciplinary in design, the programme emphasizes development of the core public health competencies: epidemiology, biostatistics, medical anthropology, qualitative and quantitative and mixed research methods, health systems management, health economics and health care financing, environment and health, health communication, monitoring & evaluation, public health nutrition, demography, sexual and reproductive health, aging and health and non-communicable diseases;
  •  Faculty members are from reputed international universities, institutions and research centers such as: BRAC University, icddr,b, BRAC, University of Heidelberg (Germany), Harvard University (USA), Johns Hopkins University (USA), George Washington University (USA), Karolinska Institute (Sweden), London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (UK), and University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands);
  •  Students receive access to the icddr,b library, one of the largest and most modern in South Asia, with over 50,000 journal titles and 15,000 books.