Master of Development Studies

The 21st century world is experiencing drastic economic, social, cultural, political, technological, and environmental changes. These changes have far reaching global implications for poverty, economic growth, social harmony and political stability. This is especially true for developing countries, where these changed are posing fresh challenges in human development. There are no simple answers to these problems, yet the quest for sustainable human development remains a matter of utmost importance.

Development is the instrument as well as the process through which people strive to achieve the goals of peace and prosperity. A systematic and multi-disciplinary examination of the factors affecting development is essential for identifying appropriate policies and processes necessary for the promotion of equitable and sustainable development.

BIGD has designed the Master of Development Studies (MDS) program to provide an in-depth understanding of development concepts and issues from a broad inter-disciplinary perspective. On satisfactory completion of the program, students will be able to approach and analyze development issues in the context of globalization, economic transformation, and social, cultural and political changes. The program keeps provision for a wide range of elective courses so that students can pursue their studies in accordance with their respective academic interests and career objectives. The program will prepare graduates for higher studies or to pursue fulfilling careers in teaching, research, consultancy and management in organizations with development goals and objectives.

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