The practice of pharmacy today is one of the most crucial components in providing proper health services to people worldwide. It is a profession of huge responsibilities, honor and high esteem. At the Department of Pharmacy, BRAC University, we have come up with an undergraduate program to produce competent graduates, who will be capable of meeting the challenges of a rapidly evolving healthcare sector.

The program is divided into eight consecutive semesters approved by the Bangladesh Pharmacy Council. We have highly qualified faculty members, advanced research facilities and online library services containing huge collection of books, articles and journals. Using innovative and interactive techniques we make pharmacy education fun and exciting for the students. The instructors undergo continuous training and assessment in order to uphold the quality of education. We are also proud of our sound disciplinary policies, which enable smooth operation of our department.

Pharmacy is a multidisciplinary subject. Pharmacists have roles in several different aspects of healthcare from drug discovery, drug manufacturing, compounding, dispensing to providing drug information and suggestions to patients, keeping track of their medical history, consulting with the physicians and finally ensuring patient safety and convenience during drug use. Thus, our utmost efforts are directed towards creating highly qualified conscientious pharmacists who will actively contribute to all sectors of our society, be it in industrial, clinical, community, research or educational field.

Our Mission

To develop and nurture competent students who will become leaders and innovators in pharmaceutical education, research, development and practice.

Our Vision

To inspire our students towards high standards and innovative thoughts for the betterment of the pharmaceutical sector as well as of mankind.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork