Minor in Physics

The Academic Council of BRAC University in its 17th meeting held on August 24,2005 approved the programme of minor in physics for students doing a major in CS, CSE, ECE or any other relevant discipline. Such major-minor combination will stand the students in good stead in the job market.

The details of the Minor in Physics programme are given below.

Total credit requirement: 27 credits
There will be seven compulsory courses, each of three credits, which are as follows:

PHY 111: Principles of Physics I
PHY 112: Principles of Physics II
PHY 204: Classical Mechanics & Special Theory of Relativity
PHY 205: Statistical Mechanics
PHY 210: Quantum Physics of Atoms, Solids & Nuclei
PHY 301: Classical Electrodynamics
PHY 305: Nuclear Physics I

Students may choose any two courses from the following list of elective courses each of three credits offered by the Department.

PHY 302: Fluid Mechanics
PHY 308: Methods of Experimental Physics & Instrumentation
PHY 309: Introduction to Materials Science
PHY 311: X-Rays
PHY 313: Physics for Development
PHY 409: Physics of Radiology
PHY 403: Plasma & Astrophysics

or any other physics course with the permission of the Chairperson of the MNS Department.