Minor in Microbiology

Minor in microbiology for students doing major in other disciplines is also offered. The details of the minor in microbiology program are given below:

Core Courses (18 Credits):

MIC 101    General Microbiology
BCH 101    Basic Biochemistry
MIC 102    Basic techniques in Microbiology  
BCH 201    Human Physiology
MIC 201    Microbial Chemistry
MIC 202    Microbial Metabolism

Elective Courses (6 Credits):

MIC 203    Environmental Microbiology
MIC 204    Medical Microbiology
BTE 207    Introduction to Molecular Biology
MIC 302    Food Microbiology
MIC 304    Microbial Biotechnology
MIC 306    Pharmaceutical Microbiology
BTE 401    Bioinformatics

Lab (3 Credits):

MIC 105    Microbiol Lab I
MIC 205    Microbiol Lab II