Minor in Biotechnology

Minor in biotechnology for students doing major in other disciplines is also offered. The details of the minor in biotechnology program are given below:

Core Courses (21 credits):

BCH 101: Basic Biochemistry
BCH 202: Enzyme and Enzyme kinetics
BTE 101: Introduction to Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
BTE 103: Plants and People
BTE 203: Introduction to Molecular Biology
BTE 204: Fundamentals of Genetic Engineering
BTE 304: Environmental Biotechnology

Elective Courses (6 credits):

BTE 415: Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology
BTE 417: Enzyme Biotechnology
BTE 315: Bioremediation and Biodeterioration
BTE 313: Biomass and Biofuels
BTE 416: Biochemical Engineering Principles

**Each of the above courses has in-built lab exercises.