• Biotechnology Laboratory

Master of Science in Biotechnology

The postgraduate program of MS in Biotechnology (36 credits) started in Fall 2007.  The course is so designed for creating highly competent biotechnologists to serve in the universities and other academic institutions, R&D organizations and biotech-related industries both in the public and private sectors of the country. With this academic background, the graduates will be able to pursue higher studies leading to Ph.D. both at home and abroad.

For the fulfillment of the MS degree requirement, a student needs to complete 36 credits out of which 6 credits are assigned to Research Project/Thesis.

So far, thirty six students have graduated with MS degree in Biotechnology and at present, we have a total of seventy students pursuing the degree, who are at different stages (semesters) of their study.

MNS Department has active collaboration with the University of Dhaka, ICDDR,B, BRAC ARDC, BIRDEM with excellent research and training facilities for research and project work of our MS Biotech students.