Bachelor of Science in Physics

BS in Physics program started in Fall, 2005. It may be mentioned that BRACU is the only private university in Bangladesh which offers a BS degree in physics. Physics is cutting across the edge of all aspects of engineering, information technology, biology, medicine, economics, finance, accounting and even sociology. A total of 132 credits is needed to complete the whole program. There also exist provisions for doing double-major in Physics with a second major in Computer Science/Computer Science and Engineering (CS/CSE), Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), Economics or any other relevant discipline and vice-versa. The Department also offers minor in Physics for students doing a major in CS/CSE, ECE, EEE or any other relevant discipline.

So far eight students have completed their BS degrees in physics. Some of them have gone abroad for higher studies and some are gainfully employed in Bangladesh. In addition to this a few students of other department did a second major in physics or had a minor in physics.