Minor in English

Department of English and Humanities (ENH) offers a minor in English.

Total Credit Hours Required for a Minor in English: 27

Each course comprises of three (3) credit hours, and the students will be required to take a total of nine (9) courses.

Compulsory courses (6 credits)

ENG 217   Shakespeare
ENG 301   Research Methodology

Two courses from the following: (6 credits)

ENG 111   Principles of Linguistics
ENG 113   Introduction to English Poetry
ENG 114   Introduction to English Drama
ENG 115   Introduction to English Prose

Two courses from the following: (6 credits)

ENG 211   Sociolinguistics / ENG 212: Psycholinguistics
ENG 213/ENG 214/ENG 215: Survey of English Literature I/II/III
ENG 218   Post-Colonial Writing in English

Three courses from the following: (9 credits)

ENG 262   The Urban Novel
ENG 319   Modernism
ENG 327   SLA
ENG 331   Cultural Studies
ENG 333   Globalization and the Media
ENG 334:  ELT Methodology (Pre-requisite ENG 111)
ENG 354   Survey of American Literature I
ENG 355   Survey of American Literature II
ENG 358   Survey of World Literature in Translation II
ENG 366   Major Texts of the Feminist Tradition in the West
ENG 367   English Writing and British Colonialism
ENG 401   Editing
ENG 404   Copywriting/ENG 440: English for the Print Media
ENG 414   Twentieth-Century English Literature
ENG 434   Material Design
ENG 437   Testing and Evaluation
ENG 438   Syllabus Design
ENG 439   Teaching Practicum
ENG 440   English for the Print Media
ENG 461   Modern British Drama
ENG 462   Post-Colonial Theory/ENG 464: Post-Colonial Literature
ENG 465   Translation Studies
ENG 490   Seminar Course