Ongoing Research


Dr Farzana Munshi  is currently working on publishing an edited volume “Globalization and Trade”. She is also revising her article for publication “Trade Liberalization and Wage Inequality: Evidence from Bangladesh Cotton Textile Industry.”

Shahidur Rahman  is conducting a  research focusing on the role of buyers to ensure a safe working place at the Bangladesh garments industry. It will also examine the consequences of “Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.”

Samia Huq completed the Collection of life stories for Musawah’s Life stories project on “Qiwamah, Wilayah” and equality in the Muslim Family.

Seuty Sabur is currently working on two projects, “The aftermath of Shahabag movement and its effect on Feminist Movement.” and as part of an activist research collective '24 Aprli' she is doing research to setup an online archive on Rana Plaza, which will be launched on first anniversary of the accident.

Rubana Ahmed is presently working on additional research for publication of a chapter of her dissertation regarding "access to credit for the poor". The objective is to determine, compare, and analyze the specific differences in credit access methods and options and the respective distribution and utilization of the attained funds among groups in underprivileged communities across developed and developing nations.