Bachelor of Social Sciences in Anthropology


At BRAC University, we believe the time is right to begin a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in Anthropology, which will strengthen the social science faculty of the university and also give the university a greater standing as an institution committed to a Liberal Arts education. There exists a niche in Bangladesh for a state of the art Anthropology program that will deal with issues of national and transnational significance. To that end, the BSS in Anthropology at BRAC University has the potential to become a convening platform that articulates both a Southern perspective as well as offering a South Asian narrative that deviates from the usual equation of South Asian studies with India. It is with these broad intents that the Department of Economics and Social Sciences (ESS) at BRAC University has launched a BSS in Anthropology program in January 2013.


  • Initiate regional and global links to key academic and research institutions to jointly address cutting edge global concerns on the historical, political and economic spheres that construct our identity and society; and thereby operate as a regional convening platform on these issues. 
  • Provide southern perspectives furthering existing scholarship in Social Anthropology.
  • Ground its scholarship in the principles of freedom, tolerance, equality and social justice. 

What will the BSS in Anthropology Offer?

  • Rigorous course work covering theoretical advances and practical experience.
  • Research opportunities for students to work with faculty members.
  • Internship opportunities with research organizations, NGOs and donors.
  • Expansion of frontiers of knowledge through national and international conferences on current academic debates and issues.
  • A global resource center on ethnographic research in Bangladesh.