M.SC./M.ENGG. Curriculum

List of Courses (All courses are 3 credit hours)

CSE701 Advance Logic Design
CSE702 Computer Arithmetic
CSE703 Computer Organization and Design
CSE704 Advanced Microprocessor
CSE705 Computer Communications and Networks
CSE706 Parallel Algorithm
CSE707 Distributed Computing Systems
CSE708 Graph Theory
CSE709 Computational Geometry
CSE710 Advanced Artificial Intelligence
CSE711 Symbolic Machine Learning I
CSE712 Symbolic Machine Learning II
CSE713 Advanced Syntactic Pattern Recognition
CSE714 Speech Recognition
CSE715 Neural Network and Fuzzy Systems
CSE716 Advanced Database Systems
CSE717 Mathematical Programming
CSE718 Petri Net Theory and Modeling of Systems
CSE719 Multimedia Systems
CSE720 Computer Graphics and Animation
CSE799 Special Topic

Two non-departmental courses chosen from MBA courses such as Electronic Commerce, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Corporate Management, Entrepreneurship, Banking, Finance or Marketing.