Certificate in Construction Management


Investing in a construction project in today's market can be costly, risky and complicated. Construction, regardless of the type or scale of the project, can lead to cost and time overruns of nightmare proportions. Tight regulations only add to the complexity. At every stage, the process of design and building is one of ongoing negotiation, coordination, problem solving and financing. How well this process is handled can make the difference between a project that succeeds and one that fails.

Students who will attend this program will be prepared for the myriad challenges they will face in the field day-to-day, from managing subcontractors and managing cash flow to controlling costs and minimizing risk. The Certificate in Construction Management program of BRAC University would be the first-ever program in this area to be offered in Bangladesh.

Program Objectives

  • To prepare graduates to manage all facets of construction projects large and small and tackle the challenges they will face on site. 
  • To provide graduates an up-to-date knowledge of construction methods, materials and technology. 
  • To give graduates skill and confidence in estimating costs and preparing bids. 
  • To give graduates familiarity with the numerous legal aspects of construction, from elements of a contract and managing contracts to real estate law and land development regulation. 
  • To equip graduates to work effectively with clients, suppliers, architects, engineers and others. 

Who Should Attend

  • Construction professionals, who seek to move into management roles.
  • Professionals in related fields such as architecture, engineering and real estate whose work requires a strong grasp of construction management fundamentals.

Program Highlights

Type of Program: Certificate
Number of courses: 04
Minimum program length: 08 months
Tuition costs: BDT 69,500.00

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Class participation:
Attendance is mandatory. Unexcused absences will result in a lower grade or failure. Come to class prepared to work. This means on time and awake, having completed the assignments and ready for a quiz covering the material due that day. Students are expected to make relevant comments and ask questions in class. Participation grade is based on quizzes, attendance, and quality of contributions both in class and in on-line discussions and assignments.

There are one midterm and a final exam in addition to daily quizzes. Exams consist of slide identification, objective questions, and short answer or essay questions. They are analytical in nature.

The faculty will be carefully chosen considering their academic record, teaching skills and research experience. Team teaching will be used for multi-disciplinary courses requiring both theoretical treatment and practical experience. Specialist faculty from industry within and outside the country will be engaged for certain courses.

Certificate requirements:
The CCM requires

  • Completion of 4 courses totaling 12 credits.
  • Earning a CGPA of 2.5
  • Maintaining a satisfactory record of conduct and behavior.

Academic system:
BRAC University follows a model of higher education consisting of semesters, courses, credit hours, continuous evaluation and letter grading.

Semester and class schedule:
There are total two semesters. The duration of a regular semester is 13 weeks. Classes are held in the evening time, Sunday through Thursday. Each course will meet once a week for required hours for class lectures and facilitated seminar style discussion.

Course load:
The maximum allowed period to complete the program is 2 years from the date of first admission to the university.

Credit Hours:
Credit hours for a course are assigned on the basis of a 13 week semester. One (1) credit hour refers to a course meeting once every week for one class room hour. 3 credits mean that the course meets three times or three hours per week.

Performance evaluation:
Student performance will be evaluated throughout the semester through class tests, quizzes, assignments, and midterm exams. End of semester evaluation will include final exams, term papers project reports etc. Numerical scores earned by a student in tests, exams, assignments etc. will be cumulated and converted to letter grades at the end of the semester.

Grading System:
The grades at BRAC University are indicated in the following manner:

A (4.0): excellent
A- (3.7):
B+ (3.3):
B (3.0): good
B- (2.7):
C+ (2.3):
C (2.0): fair
C- (1.7):
D+ (1.3):
D (1.0): poor
D- (0.7):
F (0.0): failure

P Pass
I Incomplete
W Withdrawal

An incomplete (I) grade is assigned when for a compelling reason a student could not complete the course requirement. A withdrawal (W) is assigned when a student withdraws from a course after the dead line for formal withdrawal.

GPA Computation:
The Grade Point Average (GPA) is computed in the following manner:

Sum of (Grade points X Credits)
CGPA = -----------------------
Sum of Credits

Academic standing:
Students will be expected to maintain standards in their academic work. They should be taking the requisite number of courses and maintain satisfactory grades in these courses. In particular students are expected to maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.5; otherwise the student will be put on probation for the following semester. If the student fails to maintain a CGPA of 2.5; the university will review the student's record and may recommend further action that may include options such as changing course of study' taking extra courses. If a student on probation fails to raise CGPA to 2.5 in two consecutive semesters s/he will be dismissed from the University. Students whose grade point average is below 1.0 in their first semester may be asked to withdraw from the university.