Arch.KIDs is an outreach program of the Department of Architecture, BRAC University. It originates with the idea of making our future generation aware of our natural and built environment that affect their growing up, lives and the development of the communities in which they live in. Children are our future leaders, entrepreneurs, clients and professionals; and they are the most vulnerable group of the present day undesirable practice in terms of environmental management, urban development and architectural creations. We need to give the future generation a chance to have a better living environment with a basic knowledge of how we should manage our cities. It is also important to let them know about what architecture is all about; and how the designing the built environment can influence improved living conditions.

Arch.KIDs organizes workshop for children aged between 8 and 12. Each workshop is designed around a specific theme important to them and the community they live in. Around 20 students from different schools are invited to participate. The half day long workshop is usually organized in two sessions; the first consists of knowledge sharing with children about different issues following the theme, while the second session focuses on design exercises or activities participated by the children, objective of which is to explore the levels of creativity through designing.

Under the patronage of the then Vice Chancellor of BRAC University, Professor Jamilur Reza Choudhury Arch.KIDs was initiated by Dr. Q M Mahtab-uz-Zaman in 2005. Since then different faculty members coordinate and facilitate these workshops, experts are invited to discuss and participate while students from the department volunteer to organize the sessions.

Dr. Huraera Jabeen, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture.
Sheikh Rubaiya Sultana, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture.

Dr. Adnan Zillur Morshed, Chairperson, Department of Architecture.
Dr. Fuad Hassan Mallick, Professor, Department of Architecture.
Dr. Zainab Faruqi Ali, Professor, Department of Architecture.
Dr. Muhammad Faruk, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture.


Arch.KIDS: Safer Schools

Arch.KIDS: Reuse Recycle Reuse

Arch.KIDS: My Dream Street

Arch.KIDs My Dream Street

Arch.KIDS: Seed of Garden

Arch.KIDS: Seed of Garden