Core initiatives

The Professional Development Centre (PDC) offers a range of programmes for the quality enhancement of teaching, research and administration of educational institutions. The programmes, with their individual objectives and delivery structures, are expected to help beneficiaries

  • Settle in a deregulated and competitive workplace 
  • Realise professional accountability and institutional approaches to monitoring 
  • Set performance standards for specific centres/ departments /schools 
  • Standardise the portfolio (such as course outlines and academic resources) of academic departments and programmes 
  • Apply technology to improve teaching and learning outcomes
  • Identify measurable objectives of student learning 
  • Rationalise students’ tasks and cognitive processes in educational practice 
  • Prepare and implement tools to gauge students’ academic achievement and satisfaction 
  • Self-assess professional achievements through comprehensive evaluation of performance using technology, such as an e-portfolio and Learning Management System 
  • Engage pedagogical approaches in the design and delivery of learning programmes 
  • Gain ‘methodological’ skills, such as creativity, criticality, communication and hypothesis design 
  • Improve ‘enterprise’ skills, such as problem solving, relationship building and negotiation 
  • Become aware of affective aspects, such as attitudes, values and motivation

Additionally, on a regular basis, the centre will

  • Create, review and disseminate teacher development-related resources via print, electronic and online media 
  • Run teaching and research excellence award schemes 
  • Conduct research and publish the findings (possibly through its own journal) on higher education pedagogies 
  • Contribute to improving the University’s international collaboration, reputation and ranking